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Hey JS, first off, thank you, thank you, and thank you. Second, holy shit, holy shit and holy shit. The day of the ritual this energy pulse felt like a converging of two worlds over top one another till both were merged together. In my meditation that day, Lucifer came to stand in front of me and said “now you can move forward, this will become a lightning rod for spiritual energy to be channelled through your body”. I have not felt this little of pain in my back in over a decade. The pain in my pelvis, upper thigh and lower rib cage is almost gone completely, with the pain so close to the surface and no longer feeling like my joints and bones are getting chewed away 24/7. Today in meditation I felt a surge of energy in my base chakra I have never felt, like someone was holding a huge air blower and just cleaning out cobwebs allowing it to move freely again. This has truly been a world altering experience.