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Get instant access to the most advanced magick training on the planet. Learn everything from divination rituals that awaken your clairvoyance, to techniques for evoking spirits to physical appearance. E.A. shows you exactly how to perform magick to Become a Living God.

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Live Rituals

Watch E.A. perform live rituals of magick, so you can emulate his exact behaviors, and start getting massive results for yourself. Go behind the scenes of his own ritual practice to witness step-by-step demonstrations and explanations. Become his virtual apprentice.

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Subscribe to receive well-written, informative articles full of interesting and useful magick advice, stories, and lessons to help you experience Spiritual Ascent each week. Newsletters usually also include official announcements, exclusive discounts, and special opportunities for Become A Living God members only.

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Video Podcast

Join E.A. Koetting and Nate Bales for highly enlightening and often controversial discussions about Magick Ascent and the occult. The 2 master sorcerers bust popular myths, share profound occult experiences, and wax philosophical on hot topics in the world of magick.

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Connect with thousands of sorcerers, magicians and witches to discuss what you are learning at Become A Living God. The forum is full of priceless occult wisdom and accounts from the lives of real people, like you. Share your own story so you become part of the family.

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Partners Program

Team up with E.A. Koetting to help people learn magick, and get paid for it. Receive a commission on every sale you refer, and build your own personal stream of income. Furthermore, invite your friends and fellow magicians to join you, to earn a percentage of revenue from sales that they refer as well.

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Book Publishing

Are you a talented author and experienced occultist? Be sure to submit your manuscript to us for consideration of publication. We have a fast growing community of serious readers who are devoted to learning the most powerful magick.

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Learn Secrets Most People Will Never Know About Godlike Power