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A Native Brazilian Initiate And Master Of Quimbanda Transmits How To Enter Gnosis With The Exus And Pombagiras Of Your Crown For You To Become A Quimbandeiro De Casa Of The Left Hand Path

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My Initiation & Heritage in Quimbanda

I am Master Daniel Ramos, an Initiate of Quimbanda, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My crown guardians are Exu Capa Preta and Pombagira Maria Mulambo. My heritage descends from generations of Quimbandeiros.

In The Three Tomes of Draggus, you'll receive:

  • A sacrificial guide to gnosis with your Exus and Pombagiras by a native Brazilian Quimbandeiro
  • Deadly serious spells for fast Money Magick, Love Magick, and Baneful Magick
  • How to properly unify the Magic of Quimbanda and Satanism for Left Hand Pathworkers
  • The hardcore shamanic experiences of an Initiate in the dangerous underworld of Brazil
  • And MUCH much more...
The Quimbanda Magick Course

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Dear Friend,

My name is Master Daniel Ramos. I am a native initiated Quimbandeiro and Black Magician, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Quimbanda is a Brazilian initiatory tradition, and a form of witchcraft or sorcery for any all real-world purposes. It possesses a rich, fearless heritage that gives the Initiate, Adept, and Master of Quimbanda the knowledge to obtain unlimited power from the Exus and Pombagiras. It is through this unrestricted form of witchcraft that I help everyone who seeks help in their Ascent from my Temple of Black Magic.

My spiritual heritage descends over a century of two generations of Quimbandeiros with my great-uncle Sabá Ruffino Ramos, born in 1912, living his worldly and spiritual life, in the Amazonas Forest, in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. My great-uncle had Zé Pilintra and Exu Capa Preta as his Crown compadre, the same Exu whom I work with today through possession in Quimbanda.

Ever since I was a child, I have always had the presence of Exu Capa Preta and Pombagira Maria Mulambo. Powerful spiritual beings have always manifested in my dreams and nightmares that no one could help me to understand at the time. It was only later, through my Blood Pact and Ritual Initiation into the Brazilian tradition of Quimbanda that I opened the portal of intimate and deep contact with my Crown Guardians.

If today I am what I am, it is thanks to my Exu and Pombagira guarding me. All who have wronged me will fall to the ground, and everything I desire will be mine, for this is my Honor and Glory.
—Daniel Ramos, Liber Draggus

My magical connection with the Infernal Path began when I was 11 years old. The first demon whom I made a blood pact with was Astaroth. It was just me, my written words, the sacrifice of a chicken, and my sealed blood. When I was 14, I had my first possession by the Pombagira Maria Mulambo; she danced and laughed in my head, where I lost control of my body, and became the spectator guided by her. It was from these early initiations that everything changed in my life, and I climbed the Ladder of Power. It took many long years to enter symbiosis with my Exu, who finally stepped over the fire during the ritual possession.

Receive Lifetime Access To The World's First Full-Length Video Training Course That Shows Step By Step How To Pathwork The Forbidden Magick Of Quimbanda And Demonolatry

Accompanying The Three Tomes of Draggus is The Quimbanda training video training course. I, Master Daniel, teach you the secrets of Quimbanda spellcasting, contacting the Lords of the Crossroads, and petitioning Pombagira for success, love, and even revenge.

You’ll learn my inner-working techniques for inducing possession, binding the spirits of the dead, and performing forbidden rituals which cannot be mentioned here — techniques that have taken me literally decades to innovate and prove as the most powerful available anywhere.

Section 1. The Inner Workings Of Your Crown Exus And Pombagiras

In section 1, I introduce the religion of Quimbanda, outlining the spiritual practices of the religion, and then I expose how Lucifer is intrinsically connected to Quimbanda. I discuss the magickal benefits of daily worship of Exu and Pombagira, and how to work black magick within Quimbanda.

In this first section, I also tell several personal stories of his initiation into Quimbanda, revealing some of the most common pitfalls in this secret religion.

Section 2. The Cornerstone Practices Of Quimbanda Rituals

In section 2 the cornerstone practices of Magickal Drumming and Animal Offerings are taught in great detail, showing you how to begin your sacred drumming practice, how to create and consecrate your sacrificial knife, and how to ethically and magickally conduct animal offerings, an essential part of this ancient religion.

Section 3. How To Work With Exu, The Lord Of The Crossroads

In section 3, I introduce ceremonial work with Exu, the Lord of the Crossroads. Exu is the primary facilitator of all Quimbanda Magick, and those who serve Him and call Him Father will reap immeasurable blessings from Exu, experiencing miracles as a part of your everyday life. I show every step of preparing and giving your first offering to Exu, combining the ingredients and consecrating them with his magick in front of you, so you will know exactly what you will need to do. I clarify the manifestations of Exu, and how you can understand Exu’s black cape and hat, and how you can use this knowledge in your own ceremonies.

Section 4. How To Become Possessed By Exu

Section 4 contains many secrets of possession, as I tell you exactly how to allow Exu to possess you, sharing the tips that he has learned along his own path to giving up your body and mind to the spirits. I go quite a bit further than just telling you how to become possessed, though, because in this section of the video course, I share a ritual video in which he is fully and undeniably possessed.

Section 5. Forbidden Love, Wealth, And Curse Spells

Section 5 concludes the Quimbanda Pathworking Video Course with 3 of the most useful Quimbanda spells: a love spell; a prosperity spell; and a curse. For each spell, I give exact instructions on what materials to use, how to incorporate them into your spell, what to say, what to do, but most importantly, I tell you the exact offerings to make for each spell, which is said to be the true secret to unlocking the power of the Quimbanda spirits!

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