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Magick Spell To Make To Make A Person Fall In Love With You... I Adore Candle Magick More Than Any Other Spell Because Of Its Unrivaled Power And Simplicity


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Hey Friend,

If you’re just starting in magick, or if you’ve been doing it for a while, learning these 3 easy steps for casting a powerful spell using candle magick will jumpstart your magickal development and fine-tune your ability to effect change in the physical world through nonphysical means.

Choose an appropriate candle color for the specific spell that you’re trying to cast. For example, red candles can be used for love and lust spells, blue candles can be used for friendship, communication, and psychic development, and green candles will promote healing and increased abundance.

Candle Magick Can Open The Doors Of Your Godlike Power!

1. Light the candle and gaze it, relaxing your body and mind. In order to work magick, we have to enter into a specific state of being, a state that I refer to as the “Theta-Gamma Sync.” Using a candle as a visual focus while intentionally bringing your entire being into complete relaxation produces a very unique sort of self-hypnosis, giving you access to your magickal mind, and thereby opening the doors of your Godlike Power!

2. Entranced by the candle’s flame, without taking your eyes off of it, and without rising from your mental tranquility, lock the vision in your mind of the end result exactly as you want it to happen. See every detail in your imagination, making it as real for yourself as possible. Seeing the end result in your mind isn’t enough to make magick work, though; you have to feel it as well. As you create the internal vision of the end result, also create within yourself the feelings that you will feel when you achieve the end result that you’re looking for. Feel it and see it as if it has already happened, as if the spell that you are casting has already been successful.

3. Once your inner vision and the full force of your desire has imprinted the certainty of a successful outcome in your mind to the degree of having no doubt about it, it is important to speak aloud your exact commands. As it is spoken, so shall it be.

Candle Magick Spells are not only the easiest spells that you can cast, they are also one of the most powerful spells. It is tempting to overlook Candle Magick in favor of more complicated rituals, but whether you are a beginner in magick or an adept, the potency of these simple spells is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Because this is such an important spell to learn, I’ve filmed a video demonstration of a candle magick spell. You can watch it right now on our Youtube channel.

Despite the power and simplicity of spellcasting with candle magick, many people still would like me to perform magick FOR THEM. While I would love for you to become 100% independent with your sorcery, I do not acknowledge the certain emergencies and urgent situations exist, where you need the help of an experienced ritualist. If you NEED me, I can perform rituals to help your:

1. Money and Law

2. Health and Self-Defense

3. Love and Lust

4. Spiritual Ascent

To learn more about this, or to book your ritual or personal consultation with me, click below:

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I'll talk to you again soon...

Godlike Power,

E.A. Koetting