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3 Simple Ways To Ensure The Continuous Flow Of Power In Your Life... How To Receive Magick Blessings In Perpetuity Until The Day You Die... And Beyond

Hey Friend,

I'd like you to take just a second to evaluate your intentions for the powers and abilities that you're developing using the methods that I'm sharing with you through these newsletters, the articles on the website, the e-books, and the Mastery Courses.

Are you hoping to learn a few spells that you can cast to bring a lover into your life?  Do you want to learn a ritual or two that will help summon enough money to make rent next month?  Would you like to perfect certain methods that might allow you to control the thoughts of others, so that you can get the respect, attention, or advancement that you feel you deserve?


Do you want to penetrate the depths of the Mystery itself, to comprehend the infinite?  Do you want to learn secrets of power that will allow you to raise an Empire around you?  Are you seeking knowledge of the unknowable, so that you can call all of existence into alignment with your will?

Obviously, these are two entirely different approaches to your occult studies, and they require a different tailoring of your path to meet those goals.

About 15 percent of my personal consultations are with people who want me to teach them how to cast certain spells.  They know that I have the knowledge and the power to perform every sort of ritual with absolute success, and that I can teach them to do the same.

So, I'll guide them through every detail of rituals to summon wealth, love, attention, fame, advancement, and so on.

But then the remaining 85 percent go beyond needing one or two rituals.

These see the fulfillment of these minor desires almost as a natural side-effect of magickally building an Empire on earth, and they ask for my help in working through the most advanced forms of evocation, divination, soul travel, and pathworking.  They come to me to help them troubleshoot the obstacles they might face as their Empires start to form.

If you find yourself stuck or in need of that extra push towards your own Dharmic Destiny, you can schedule a consultation personally with me right here:

Speak With Me Alone In Private

This latter type of magician becomes aware as well that more is needed than simply performing a ritual and getting a result.

Honestly, successfully casting spells and manifesting desires is the easy part, once you work out the details.

The hard part for many is learning how to keep power and abundance flowing WITHOUT having to use ritual for every advancement needed.

I've found that doing 3 simple things will place you in a more receptive state, so that the powers that you're invoking and evoking will continue to bless you even when you don't ask them to!

3 Simple Ways To Receive Powerful Magick Blessings Over And Over... Forever

1.Learn to develop an awe and respect for the powers of magick, and for your ability to channel them.

Taking magick for granted is easy, especially when you are regularly performing ritual, regardless of how basic or advanced those Operations are.  Once you gain a familiarity with the Powers of Magick, many magicians begin to view the whole thing in the same light as every other part of living as a human.

And while these powers and abilities are meant to be used by us, to allow us to Become Living Gods, assuming an attitude of respect and even humility towards it will put you in a state of spiritual hyperactivity.

I often will reflect on the miracles that I create in my life.

I remember that I used magick once to heal my daughter from a terrible illness, and that without magick she may no longer be in my life.  I reflect on the fact that I live my life quite comfortably, every investment that I make being profitable, every project that I take on being successful, not because I'm lucky, but because I employ magick to make it so.  I reflect on my relationships, all summoned by my empowered will to be surrounded by people who love and respect me.  I reflect on the knowledge that I am often confronted by enemies who wish to destroy my work, and sometimes who seek even to end my life, and that through evocations and rituals of baneful magick, they have all fallen before me.

And I acknowledge that as only a man, I would be tied to the restrictions of the animalstate.  But, armed with the powers of magick, I Become A Living God, capable of anything whatsoever.

Without magick, I am subject to all of the forces of nature.  WITH magick, I AM a force of nature!

And for this, I am eternally thankful, awed, and humbled.

2.Be thankful to the powers that you are summoning.  Realize that they are working in cooperation with you... not FOR you.  This is a great mistake that many magicians make.  They assume that since they perform an evocation and the spirit manifests, and agrees to fulfill his or her requests, that the spirit is working FOR them.

They assume that wince they light some candles and call out to various forces, and the forces act in their lives, that these forces are OBEYING them.

The truth is that all of the powers, entities, energies, and intelligences that you contact in ritual are helping you because it is in their nature to do so, and because they want to assist you in your Ascent towards Godhood.

And their assistance should never be taken for granted.  They are not your employees, but your co-conspirators in evolution!

3.Become filled with pronoia.

We all know what paranoia is: when a person is certain that the universe is conspiring against them.

Psychologist John Barlow defined "pronoia" as the opposite of paranoia. "the certainty that the Universe is a conspiracy on your behalf."

In other words, recognize that in all times, in every occurrence in your life, the universe is conspiring to help you.

When you notice the best parking spaces open for you, when all of the traffic lights are green on your way to work, when you get that unexpected bonus, when you land the job, get the girl, or make the grade, this is because the universe has conspired to help you.

Conversely, when the traffic lights are red, maybe you needed a few minutes to meditate before clocking in.  If you have to park a block away from your destination, maybe the universe is helping you get a walking meditation in.

Basically, become an extreme optimist, and you'll find instant vindication that indeed the universe is conspiring to help you!

If you start doing these 3 simple things, you'll find that your blessings and your power multiplies, and that you begin to receive abundance in your life that you had never even anticipated!

The Question I Get Asked The Most From Readers New And Old

Undoubtedly, reading a single email newsletter full of tips and packed with advice is not enough to truly master the art and science of magick. So after readers get a taste of the delicious power of magick, I inevitably am hit with the same question, over and over and over...

The question I've gotten asked the most from my readers, both new and old, in the last year is:where do I get your books?

The truth is, it's very difficult to obtain them. I mean, you can scour through for an expensive used copy, or even bid on Ebay for a ridiculously expensive leather-back edition...

But the truth is, they are hard to find. (They are scarce, and therefore valuable)

Usually the follow-up question is, well why don't you release them in paperback?

My honest answer is, I don't feel like it.

Quite frankly, I'm done with trade paperback. It's a dying medium, and in fact, I'm done with physical book publishing altogether...


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I'll talk again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting