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A Rare Look Into The Genius And Madness Of Sorceress Asenath Mason... How She Trailblazes A Path Through The Nightside And Why She Feels At Home In The Shadows...


As we edge ever nearer to Halloween, the impending birth of my latest and greatest grimoire, Qliphothic Meditations, becomes more real. At the stroke of midnight on the evening of Halloween, you can request a print for yourself. In this sinister tome, I personally arrange your magical encounters with the Dark Gods and Goddesses whom lord over the Qliphothic Tree of Death.

The term Tree of Death might scare or even horrify magicians whom have no experience with the Nightside. If it feels weird to you, then I conclude that *you* need to immerse yourself into it, because there remain parts of your psyche which still need a relationship with these magical forces. My grimoire will harmonize you with the intoxicating energies of the Shadowside, so you can commune with, and harness, the Demonic Hierarchy for the Ascent of your Soul. You may download a free chapter, Lilith: Queen of the Night, right here:

Download "Lilith: Queen of the Night"

Hey Friend, Asenath here.

As a book author and active practitioner of the occult arts, I often receive questions about my beginnings with magic, my inspirations, my path so far, my reasons for founding the Temple of Ascending Flame, and so on. The same questions I received on the BALG forum, and today I'd like to share with you some information about my personal background and my first steps on the path.

In my day-to-day life I'm a professional author and graphic designer, and you can find my art both in my online portfolios and in my books. I live in the south of Poland, in a beautiful area that has a wonderful energy and a lot of excellent places for practicing magic. Writing has always been a vital part of my life, and in 2006 I released my first book, The Book of Mephisto: A Left Hand Path Grimoire of the Faustian Tradition, which was inspired by my research into the legend of Faust and my practical exploration of demonic magic, pacts with the Devil, blood sorcery, and witchcraft. Since that time I have written many other books about the Left Hand Path and Draconian magic and co-authored even more.

How I Discovered An Undying Love For Dark Magic, Divorced A Lodge, And Founded My Own Powerful Order Instead...

My beginnings? Some magicians tend to dabble with all available kinds of magic before they decide to walk a certain path, but my areas of interest have always been quite focused. My interests in the occult started from being drawn to Satanism, finding a lot of inspiration in its dark, transgressive, and antinomian ideas. In 1990s in Poland occult materials were hardly available at all and finding The Satanic Bible on a bookshelf in an obscure bookstore was often the only possible way to begin a spiritual adventure. My first encounters with practical magic, however, were through books such as the Necronomicon, Goetia, Grimoirium Verum, etc. Then, there was Setian magic with a great fascination with the Egyptian lore, and finally, after starting the self-initiatory work with the Left Hand Path, I was introduced to the Draconian current through the work of the Swedish magical order Dragon Rouge which I joined in my early twenties. For several years I was the head of Lodge Magan which represented the order in Poland. Then the group separated from the order and worked as a local ritual circle for a few years until it was eventually transformed into the Temple of Ascending Flame which now serves as an international initiatory platform for all who want to work with the Draconian current. More information about the temple is provided on the group's website: My reasons for leaving the order? There is a saying that when you get to a certain point of your path, you will feel a need to seek new ways to grow and develop. For me those ways were outside the order. I felt that I'd grow with the path in a more in-depth and dynamic way by pursuing the work with the current on my own and I've never regretted this decision.

What Inspires Me The Most? ...The Beauty Of The Nightside... Twisted, Imaginative, Erotic, Fascinating, And Repulsive...

My personal inspirations? I find them in my daily life, ritual practices, dreams and visions, interactions with other practitioners, and all magical experiences that come to me through my work. In my art I love to find and portray the beauty of the Nightside - twisted, imaginative, erotic, fascinating and repulsive at the same time. Both my books and art reflect my personal experience, based on intuition, natural connection with the energies of the magical current, intimate relationship with gods and entities that teach the gnosis of the path, and all those things that inspire, fascinate and empower me with every step on the path. My interest in the Draconian current started with simple curiosity about its magical potential, but with each lesser and greater initiation that came through this work it has become much more than just a channel to gain power and energy for spells and rituals. My whole life has been rearranged to suit the path, which sometimes involved a lot of harsh moments and difficult choices, but all this has led me where I am now and I wouldn't want to have it any other way. When the path becomes life and life becomes the path, you know that you are where you should be and everything begins to fall into place, empowering you in all possible ways. This is how I see my personal path.

Reasons Why I Sincerely Believe YOU Will Love Draconian Magic...

Why Draconian magic? I found Draconian magic fascinating because it leads to concrete and tangible results, at the same time using simple and applicable methods of work. I've seen books of magic that list dozens of ingredients to perform a simple spell or give complicated formulas for creation of your ritual tools - you won't need that in Draconian magic. All you need to practice Draconian magic is yourself, everything else can be adjusted to your personal needs and working conditions. Old ceremonial techniques and methods often appear too complicated and unavailable to a modern practitioner. Not everyone owns a special temple to perform rituals, and not everyone can afford fancy and expensive tools of work. This doesn't mean that without it you can't practice magic at all. Each traditional method can be adjusted to the modern context if only you're creative, and Draconian magic teaches first of all how to be creative and resourceful in your work. This is also what I show in my writings - how to work with ancient archetypes in the modern world, how to adjust and create your own rituals, and a lot more. My wish is to share this knowledge with other practitioners like myself - those who seek growth and initiation through simple but effective methods of work, those who don't fear to tear down the veil of prejudice concealing the power of spirits and deities of the Nightside, and those who don't want to rely on blind faith or obscure dogmas and prefer a magical system that will inspire and challenge them on every single step on the path.

If you identify with my personal tale and relate to my Ascent, then I welcome you to book a consultation with me. I can help you to discover and navigate your own path, so you can maximize your Soul Ascent. Furthermore, if you would like me to channel a demon or spirit for you to receive personal messages or enlightenment, I can do that also. Lastly, if you need aid in life, I can perform a ritual for you personally. To learn more, click below:

3 Ways My Magick Will Help Your Life

I'll talk to you again soon...

Best Regards,