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Asenath Mason

I am pleased to present my Qliphothic Meditations - the first in a series of practical guidebooks for those who seek initiation into the mysteries of the dark side of the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

Tree of Qliphoth as a working paradigm is a fairly new invention, originating from the writings of such magicians as Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant, and in present times there are many approaches to this self-initiatory path. The ritual system described in my Qliphothic Meditations is based on my own practice and the work of my fellow magicians and ritual partners. I have successfully employed these methods in my work for over fifteen years and at the moment I teach them to my magical friends and members of the Temple of Ascending Flame. While thus far I have written many essays and articles to various occult journals and anthologies, revealing selected results of this work, I have never before attempted to put them into a coherent whole that would provide a ritual system for other practitioners like myself. This is the first book of this kind.

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Why Harness The Magical Forces Of The Dark Tree?

Why work with the forces of the Dark Tree? If you are familiar with the idea behind the Qabalah, you also know that the Qliphoth have been avoided and shun by Qabalists and magicians for ages. They believed that the only possible way to salvation was through the ascent of the soul and union with God, while the Qliphoth were the forces of "evil" and the emanations of the Adversary. As the practitioners of the Left Hand Path, however, we seek our own self-salvation and no longer shy away from what was forbidden in the past. As initiates of the Qliphothic Tree, we do not strive for union with a superior force but for self-deification, successively transforming ourselves into powerful god-like beings. The path of the Dark Tree is a way of transgression and transcendence, and it may not be for everyone, but those who dare to enter these forbidden realms will find it more inspiring and empowering than any other magical path.

Therefore, I have written this book to provide information and rituals that will serve as an introduction to the particular levels of the Dark Tree, showing how they can be used on your personal path of self-initiation. You will find here descriptions of the Qliphoth, their sigils, practical methods to invoke their energies, guided meditations that will help you adjust your mind to their vibrations, and techniques of dream magic that will open you to their influence on the subconscious level. This information will introduce you into each Qlipha and make you familiar with techniques that can be used to explore it in a practical way in your individual practice.

The Eleven Qliphothic Realms & Spirits...

The eleven Qliphothic realms discussed in the book are as follows:

  1. Lilith: The Queen of the Night
  2. Gamaliel: The Obscene One
  3. Samael: The Poison of God
  4. A'arab Zaraq: The Raven of Dispersion
  5. Thagirion: The Disputer
  6. Golachab: The Burning One
  7. Gha'agsheblah: The Smiter
  8. Daath: The Abyss
  9. Satariel: The Concealer
  10. Ghagiel: The Hinderer
  11. Thaumiel: The Twin God

This is a unique ritual system, which apart from the dark counterparts of the Sephiroth discusses also the initiatory role of Daath/the Abyss. A part of this material is derived from my past writings, another part includes rituals and meditations that I wrote specifically for inner projects of the Temple of Ascending Flame, and the rest is a completely new material that has been developed through my personal work with the Qliphoth and has never been published before. Also, this book is written from the perspective of the Draconian Tradition and meant for other Draconian Initiates, and therefore it contains references to the dragon symbolism and the Dragon/Serpent energy which in Tantra is known as Kundalini – the Serpent Force, or the Fire Snake.

You will learn here how to attune yourself to the currents of the Qliphoth, how to contact the spirits and deities of the Dark Tree and make them allies on your path; how to design, organize, and develop your individual work, and much, much more.

This workbook will be followed by another one, Qliphothic Invocations and Evocations, which will contain invocations to the demonic rulers of the Qliphoth and methods of evoking them, exploring their mythology, attributes and powers that can be employed in your personal self-initiatory practice.

I hope you will find the path of the Qliphoth as beautiful and inspiring as it has been for me!

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