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Master Sorcerer, Dante Abiel, Reveals How To Perform A Ritual To Obtain A Spiritual Teacher In The Flesh... Let Him Introduce You To The "Ritual Of Riding The Serpent"

Editor's Note: rising occult author, Dante Abiel, penned this 2,500-word edition of the Become A Living God newsletter. Quite frankly, it's probably too good to release as a newsletter, and I strongly considered repurposing it into a stand-alone e-book. I want to reaffirm our staunch commitment to providing the absolute most cutting edge and powerful black magick to you in our video courses, physical grimoires, and newsletters.

Most importantly, we do it free of censorship, moralizing, or initiation requirement. Our motto is: anyone can learn.

If you are seeking help with your Dark Ascent, and advice from a hardcore ritualist whom has genuine experience with Demonic Evocation, Possession, Necromancy, or Haitian Vodoun, then book a personal consultation with Dante RIGHT NOW. He's a former apprentice to E.A., and is truly one of the most fearless sorcerers in the world.

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Hey Friend,

By now most of you know me or have at least heard of me; many of you may even question specifics about my ascension, but if there is one mechanism of my spiritual quest none can argue, it'ss the results of my magickal workings.  I always receive results in my favor, and those who have learned from me can produce miracles within their own lives.

I have taught children to perform healing for their parents, women to become Power Houses and men to move spiritual, and often physical, mountains; all of which saw the hopelessness in their lives and learned to tamper with reality over night!  Yes, they all turned their lives around for the better, so what did they all have in common?

They were all alone in their endeavors.  Their individual issues, searching for an escape, desperately scratching, clawing and fighting for a getaway, paralyzed each of them.  They were Powerless in lives, and from their vantage point there was no possible way of bringing peace and balance back into to their lives.

With time, endurance and practice they were able to manipulate their current circumstances and take what was theirs, Power to create the world of their own choosing, but this would never had been made possible without the assistance of a guide.  Someone who knew the ropes and had been around the block enough to give them proper and detailed instructions to lift themselves out of the pathetic state their souls made manifest.

Do you find yourself in a similar position?  Do you tell yourself that there is no way in Hell I can do what these other magicians can?  Do you want to rise above this world as a King or Queen of your domain?  Do you crave a guide to help direct you toward a better more balanced life that is filled with the Esoteric, Arcane Arts?

I am He who travels the crossroads, delivering Life, Death and Rebirth to those who seek the Forbidden wisdom of the Spirits, Who are in all things.

If so, this newsletter will aid you in your personal journey.  I too was in this darkened state being without a guide to direct me to the closest landscape to gain spiritual coordinates, and without my Virgil I was lost evermore.  However, I was forced to bring myself out of a life of Powerlessness.  I needed to demand that the existence of Life bring to me a teacher who could see my potential and teach me the Power of Movement.

My first official, published release, Necromantic Sorcery: Forbidden Rites of Death Magick — which is totally sold out — was a project that took several years to complete.  It was not the actual writing process that took so long, but living every single moment within the dark tomb.  I needed to receive many initiations and training, all ranging from physical aliments to psychological and spiritual torture.  Though I am quite far from being a Master of all the Dark Arts, I have and continue to strive towards the forbidden.  I have yet to see a sacrifice or act on my behalf I would not perform for the knowledge and experience.

This world, and all the others, is filled with tests and decisions you must take, move forward and never question them.  You must remain true to who you are, and what you will become.  I had very little knowledge of what I was to become on my personal journey toward adepthood.  In the beginning of my travels I had only the Spirits and Intelligences to guide me.  I was alone, afraid and above all thirsty.  Power and the Knowledge of the Dark Arts is what drove me, my Lust of all things Arcane became my path with the Spirits to become my vessel of travel, until I was to become my own ship of travel.

This GOD Who Walks In Human Flesh Gave Me Alchemy

It wasn’t until I met E.A. Koetting that my travels had some type of direction. Mastering all He had to teach me became my goal.  This God, who walked in human flesh, gave me the alchemical ingredients necessary for me start my own path toward Godhood, to fully embrace the many Universes as my own, to conquer all which man was forbidden to see or experience.  E.A. and I began a journey that would last lifetimes, and perhaps we are just continuing the great Work, which was laid long before our physical bodies came into development.

I may have been blessed with a proper hand to guide me, but such things do not come into being without first striving toward the creation of your own Empire.  You will need to place yourself in a state that is ready for change.  Just as I needed to be more than I was, you too will need to make such an explosion on the astral that a guide will have no choice but to appear before you.  Take your first leap toward the Fool, the Path of the Major Arcana.  Be whom you were born to be, Omnipotent, the All Powerful, Unstoppable Force in your life.

As I said in the beginning, I too WAS alone with nothing more than the spirits.  I craved a teacher who would show me the doors to walk through.  I began my search by visiting every occult store I could find within the tristate area.  I searched far and wide, but my search my futile.  I found nothing, and it wasn’t until I found my teacher why I failed.  I was looking for a Spiritual Teacher in the physical world.  This was foolish, I know, but how else was I to find my Virgil?  One evening I broke into a state of madness.

I used everything I knew at that time to make a half-assed ritual to finally be brought before, Him.  I laid out a basic triangle and circle, and then demanded the universe to bring me a teacher.  I became consumed by my emotions.  What happened next I would never forget.  I screamed with tears streaming down my face, “Bring me a teacher who is worthy!”

The Three Candles Around The Triangle BURST...

The three candles surrounding the triangle of manifestation burst!  The room was still filled with incense, choking up the oxygen in the air.  Then I heard three words, “I am here.”  Being the neophyte that I was, I became frightened.  I have never heard voices from evocation before this period, and to hear them in the dark was more than I could handle.  I ran upstairs from my basement and completely wrote the experience off as a momentary state of madness, if only that were true.  Two weeks later E.A. and I took off on our mentor-student relationship.  Furthermore, the ritual carries to this day.

The Ritual I am going to give you will make you known among the Astral Plane, and should your soul resonate like the darkness that is in my heart, you will be able to bring a proper teacher to yourself.  You will open the crossroads into your life and be placed on the intersections of Power. 

There are several requirements necessary to perform this ritual, such as: Gnostic Meditation, Evocation and some aspects of Soul Traveling.  If you are not able to perform the aforementioned requirements, I am always available for teaching.  It is my life’s ambition to bring others out of their own darkness and reveal the Backdoors into Spirituality.

I am He who travels the crossroads, delivering Life, Death and Rebirth to those who seek the Forbidden wisdom of the Spirits, Who are in all things.

I Now Reveal "The Backdoor Into The Crossroad Grid"

The Backdoor into the Crossroad Grid:

All of the supplies will be restricted to the Saturnian Current.  This will ensure you open the gates of Life, Death, Rebirth and Manifestations on the Physical Plane of Existence.  If you wish to know more on how to work within this system, be sure to pick up Necromantic Sorcery.  The ritual below assumes you know how to open gateways, sigils, veves, etc.,


1. Possessed Absinthe (the exact formula is found within Necromantic Sorcery: Forbidden Rites of Death Magick).  This in combination with the other supplies and ritual format will break down all barriers and make the impossible manifest.

2. Possessed Cornmeal of a Saturnian Altar.

3. Two purple candles dressed with cinnamon and cedar-wood essential oils that were on a Saturnian Altar for one moon cycle.

4. This sigil marks various points of Eternity.  Using this will ensure that the practitioner places an infinite “mark” on the Astral Plane, a beacon of Light shining down on all layers of reality.  Your mindset must be determined to find a Spiritual Mentor; let not anything or anyone deny you.  This sigil will demand the Universe to succumb to YOUR WILL to bring a teacher of adequate knowledge and experience.

The Ritual Of Riding The Serpent

The Ritual of Riding the Serpent:

This ritual will be a hallmark in one’s spirituality.  My first mentor taught me a valuable lesson that I will never forget:  “When the teacher is ready, the student will appear, and when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  If you are reading this, then you are indeed ready for a teacher, but who will it be?

That doesn’t matter.  Do not focus on who your teacher will be, just apply yourself knowing a teacher will be brought to you, for you are fulfilling one half of the teacher-student contract.  You are the student who is ready, now the teacher is to be brought before you.

I am He who travels the crossroads, delivering Life, Death and Rebirth to those who seek the Forbidden wisdom of the Spirits, Who are in all things.

The Ritual:

1. Use parchment paper or goat’s skin and open the Sigil of Eternal Binding on the Saturnian Altar vibrating the words of Spiritual Mentorship:  I am He/She who travels the Currents.  I seek the one who will guide me into realms unknown.  Bring to me, my Virgil.  This must be done three days prior to the full moon.  Place the candles to the left and right of the sigil.

2. On the night of the full moon bring with you all the supplies.  You are to set the ritual around ten that night.  Sit in the center of the physical crossroads of the cemetery and meditate.  See the world around you as it begins to fade in and out of your sight.  Listen closely for the graveyard speaks to those who listen.  Let the songs of silence fill you with empowerment.  You will change your life and bring upon your new beginning.

3. Lay out the Sigil of Eternal Binding on the crossroads of the graveyard with the possessed cornmeal, and place the purple candles you used for the Altar’s Sigil to the left and right of the Binding Sigil.  This will open the pathway for all students of the spiritual arts to receive their teacher.  Having traveled the Saturnian Current, if only briefly, you have opened yourself up to a world of infinite possibilities.

4. Absinthe is known for its bitter taste, and consuming it without the proper preparation can be excruciating, so prepare a glass or two for yourself and leave the concentrated formula as an offering for the Spirits.  Finish opening the Sigil with Absinthe being the offering base.  Sprinkle it heavily over the sigil.  Keep in mind that you must remain in meditative state.  You will feel the spirits rising as if from the graves.  The pressure will begin to build up immensely.  This is to be expected.  Sit within the Sigil and consume your absinthe.

5. When you have finished your portion of the elixir, shout, “Simbi Ah-Tuah, accept my offering.  Bring to me a teacher of the flesh, a Master of the Arts.  Let Him teach me all that he knows.  Simbi, place me on the path of Spiritual Growth” He is a Divine Lwa known for taking its travelers to various sections of the known and unknown universe. Embrace all the visions that come, more importantly, embrace your new teacher. Simbi Ah-Tuah will introduce to you your new teacher, and the teacher will meet with you as well.  This is known as the Astral Introduction.

6. Finish the Ritual by throwing three silver coins over your right shoulder.  This will be an offering for the spirits of the cemetery.  Leave everything you brought in the graveyard.  You will be leaving your old self behind and embrace the new metamorphosis.

May these words carry you through eternity and back again:

I am He who travels the crossroads, delivering Life, Death and Rebirth to those who seek the Forbidden wisdom of the Spirits, Who are in all things. 


I am currently authoring my next grimoire, entitled, Possession: The Art of Demonic Devotion. In it, I highlight several extremely influential demonic possessions I've undergone, and provide a ritual pathworking for your own employment.

Devotion with the Demonic Spirits is a True Path to Dark Enlightenment. Be sure to follow me on Facebook to receive updates on this paradigm-shattering tome:

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Darkest Blessings...



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