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My Secret Way To Heighten Intimacy With The Demonic Kings & Queens In Possession Rites... Introducing My "Qliphothic Magic Circle"... The First Of Its Kind In Occult History

Hey Timothy, it's Asenath Mason here again.

Today, I'd like to unveil a secret of mine that has remained hidden for far too long. I call it the Qliphothic Magic Circle. It acts as a physical anchor in your temple to dramatically heighten the energy of your evocation and possession with the Qliphothic deities.

As you may know, on Halloween my new grimoire Qliphothic Meditations will become yours, and it will help for you to know what this magic circle does, and why I view it as a critical part of the grimoire. Before I elaborate, you can download a free chapter of the book, entitled Lilith: Queen of the Night, right here:

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Qliphothic Magic Circle - Asenath Mason

Designed for practitioners of Qliphothic magic, the circle includes sigils of the ten Qliphoth and the hidden Sephira Daath-the Abyss, all inscribed within the eleven pointed star and the Serpent of Chaos. The sigils are derived from my Qliphothic Meditations, and the whole circle is in black and red colors, reflecting the imagery often employed in rites of Draconian magic. Used together with eleven candles, the circle constitutes a powerful tool for all kinds of Qliphothic sorcery. It will especially come useful in the workings provided in Qliphothic Meditations, but it can as well be employed in any other kind of Qliphothic magic.

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How you can use the Qliphothic Circle?

In other words, you can work with the circle in any ritual invoking or evoking the forces of the Qliphoth, without the necessity to draw the sigils yourself. Many times I was approached by practitioners worried that they don't have artistic skills to reproduce my sigils in their own work. Sometimes it is not necessary, because the very effort and work you put into the drawing of a sigil will make it a powerful tool to work with. But the lack of skill is rarely an advantage, and the more evocative and beautiful the sigils are, the best results you will receive from working with them. By using the Qliphothic Circle you don't have to worry about it, because the sigils are already printed are ready to be worked with. You can work this way with only one Qliphothic realm, or with all of them. You can assume any meditative posture you wish, standing or sitting, and use the circle as the focal point of each ritual.

There are as many possibilities to work with it as you can imagine. I have personally found it useful and easy to work with in my own practice and I can recommend it to any practitioner of Qliphothic magic.

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We'll talk again next week, as I update you on Qliphothic Meditations, and provide more insights into the Draconian Current...

Darkest Blessings,