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Ritual for Hire-Azazel

Meditation Does Not Have To Be A Boring Chore... Use This Simple Meditation Guide To Inject Your Daily Life With Magick!

Hey Friend,

When I first started out in the occult, getting information, real information I can use was almost impossible most of the great books on the subject had written a century earlier, and once you've read them, you've read them - there wasn't a whole lot more move on to.

There definitely weren't any Mastery Training Courses, there weren't any kind of video tutorials on how to do any of this.  There weren't even very many great teachers. Most people who stepped up to teach and take that role didn't seem to know whole lot of what they were talking about.  They seemed to know the basics and that was about it.

So in order to learn and get this information I basically just had to start experimenting, start summing forth spirits, start trying to astral project, start learning how do divination with runes and tarot, I-Ching, and whatever else I could get my hands on.

In the process of doing these experiments I noticed very specific things happening within my being.  Not just a change of my mental state, but change of everything: a change of my physiological state, all of my senses observing a shifted reality.

I noticed after enough time of repeating this that there were three basic levels that you would go through.  These basic levels or degrees of entering into a spiritual state was first the theta-gamma sync.  I could feel my brain waves drop, I could feel my being drop, descending into a valley that would just stay at.

The first stage of success in meditation is an overwhelming influx of energy, power, emotion, thought, inspiration

From the valley there would be peaks of activity.  The experience of this is always been a lot like a wave that just keeps crashing over, into me, absorbing and rolling out, and then crashing again.

Once that state began and once it is held for long enough it reaches into what I call the Rapture state.  What this state is is an overwhelming influx of energy, power, emotion, thought, and inspiration.   Basically, all of spiritual reality starts to collide within the individual.

The third and final state is what is called "The Crossroads."  I took that term from the teachings and in lessons that I gained in Haitain Vodoun.  What I came to learn is that when you meet a spirit or God or demon, or whatever spirit would that you're trying to meet, when you leave your body to go visit another place, when you become aware of your own Godself throbbing inside of you and out into the world, what you're actually engaging are these three states and that your ending up in a crossroads, a meeting place between here and there.

You are becoming transfigured so that you can witness with your senses the things of the other world.  The senses become elevated.

What this means for the individual is a blurring out of this world and a replacement of it by another world.  This is directly from book of Revelation, and it's exactly what occultists will experience every single ritual he does.

A lot of people of tell me that they're having a hard time getting into the Theta-Gamma sync, that are having a hard time getting into the Rapture, and they have no idea what this crossroads experience is.

You are becoming transfigured so that you can witness with your senses the things of the other world.  The senses become elevated.

I'm going to tell you how you can get into the Crossroads, how you can engage the Rapture state and how to easily engage the Sync.

If you are struggling with it, as well as anything else, really, chances are that you're trying too hard.

These things are extraordinarily simple, yet in their simplicity they are staggering to the conscious mind.  We have to make this so simple that the conscious mind just stops and just allows the conscious mind to go forward.

The key to this is daily meditation, daily sitting and receiving an opening and transmitting all that you are into around from existence that surrounds you.

Meditation is easy.  All of these things are easy once you let them be, once you stop trying to make them harder than they are.

Find a comfortable peaceful place to sit.  I prefer to go outdoors even though that means I'm sitting on a rock or dirt hill, or in the grass.  I can usually make myself much more comfortable and much more connected than I ever could from my sofa.

Bring your attention to your breath.   Feel your breath moving in and out of your body, and feel your chest rising and falling.  Notice how these motions translate into the rest of the body.  Notice how your shoulders and your hands and arms even move as you breathe, and how the weight on your knees and your feet and your chest shifts with each breath and feel yourself sinking deep into yourself.

Remember how good it can feel to relax.  That's all you're doing here is relaxing, becoming comfortable, finding bliss.  And you can relax as deeply as you want to relax, you can probably even relax more than you've relaxed ever before, sinking deeper into the place that you're sitting, sinking deeper and deeper into yourself.

Observe all the things around you glowing with life and energy.

You know that deep inside yourself is a place that is full of wonder, a place that is comfortable and safe.  The place within you is infinite and beautiful.  Deep inside yourself.   What is best is that at any time you wish you can always go there now.

Once you find yourself in a completely serene non-attached state open your eyes and began to observe this world.  Observe all the things around you that used to be so mundane and see how they glow with life and energy.  As you breathe in, feel that energy coming into you, and as you breathe out feel that energy moving away from you.  Here, deep inside of yourself, you may find that you are the apex of all existence.

This is where the Rapture state gets triggered.  The Theta-Gamma Sync is already in play; it was engaged in the very moment that you started to relax.

As you continue to breathe, as the vortex of light and energy widens within you, you'll feel a sense of gaining equilibrium, gaining balance in the world of abstract energy and unformed consciousness.

At this point, with your eyes open or your eyes closed, this world that is around you that you see now will begin to fade, the greater world that is within will emerge replacing the internal, becoming the external, the greater becoming the lower - all waters made aright!

And all that you need to do to maintain this is breathe the power in and out.  And know that all light, all energy, all form flows from you, from within you and around you.

From here you may summon forth any spirit you choose.  You may converse with any god or those above the gods.  You can leave your body and venture into the world beyond.  You may look with your All-Seeing Eye into the center of creation, or look out into its farthest edges.

And your vision, and all of your senses will be attuned to that greater world, no longer bound the flesh the liberated, Eternal.

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I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,