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Complete Works of E.A. Koetting

Someone Cursed Me... Here's How I Punished Them... A Surprisingly Simple And Potent "Mirror Spell" For Counteracting The Attack... And Absolutely Anybody Can Employ It

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There is nothing else like it in the entire world.

—Timothy, co-creator


Hey There,

I recently discovered that someone had put a curse on me.

I didn’t find out that I was under magickal attack by announcements made through Facebook posts or bloggers, nor did these would-be enemies meet me on the streets to let me know about their plans to script my demise.

There is actually a rumor that’s been floating around for a very long time that claims that you can only be effected by black magick if you yourself believe in it.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Those who don’t believe in the powers of darkness, or those who foolishly assume that they are immune to it, are usuallythe ones who suffer and perish the fastest when targeted by a real black master.

The idea that you need to believe in a curse in order to be effected by it assumes that the potency of these things lies only in the psychological effect and the emotional reaction of the target.

After decades of experience, witnessing and creating both benevolent and malign miracles through magick, I know better.  This universe and everything inside of it is steeped in another world, a world of power and energy, and specific rites and ceremonies unlock our ability to move that power and to effect the world in ways that confuse and frighten most people.

Any real black magician capable of executing a successful curse would know this as well, and he or she would know that our true works take place in the shadows and in silence.  A true black magician would never announce the performance of a curse, or of any ritual meant to influence another person directly, as this would only give the target and their associates an opportunity to resist and to counteract it.   The black magician isn’t foolish enough to say a word about the specific rituals that they are using, so that those that need to be magickally influenced, manipulated, or even destroyed won’t resist their energetic sway, since they won’t even know they are being worked upon.

The issue with using magick against someone who has developed these same godlike powers, though, is that they may be able to detect the attack, break the curse, and even cause the baneful forces to return to the sender.

Always think twice before trying to curse someone who knows something about curses.  He or she may have spirits on hand warning them of your attack before you’ve even started your ritual, and the target of your curse just might have a counter attack ready to go, so by the time you’ve finished your ritual, you just may have sealed your own fate.

A Counteractive Curse Can Be Nasty!

Counteracting curses can be tricky, but when you do it right, you’ll be shocked at how nasty they can turn out to be.  This is exactly what I did, and I want to show you how you can do the same thing.

Now, there are endless ways that curses and spells can be broken.  Some happen to work better than others, though.  And, if you ever find yourself under attack, you absolutely don’t have time to tinker with spells that might fail and leave you defenseless.

This defensive spell that I’m going to show you has been successfully employed by countless occultists, and has been in use for a very long time, so you know that you can trust it if you need it.

As a word of warning, though, this spell DOES work, in that it WILL return the harmful energy to the caster.  In a way, this is both defensive magick, as well as a form of attack magick.  So, if you’re not able to deal with the fact that your magickal actions could cause your attacker harm, then do not use this particular ritual.

Here Is Your Ritual, Called A "Mirror Spell"

The ritual that I’m about to walk you through is called a “Mirror Spell.”

Like I said, this spell has been around for a long time, and there are hundreds of variations on how exactly to perform it.  I’m going to show you the two different ways that I’ve found to be the most potent.

There are a few things that you’re going to need to have on hand for the first ritual.

Ingredient 1.A fetish link connecting you to your attacker.  This can be a piece of hair or clothing, a writing sample, or any personal belonging.  For this particular spell, a photograph is the best link to have.  And, yes, you can print one out from your home computer to use for this.  I would also suggest that you write your attacker’s full name and birthdate on the photograph as well, as an added connection.

Ingredient 2.Sea salt, kosher salt, or simple table salt if that’s all that you have available.

Ingredient 3.Charcoal.  I prefer to use the same charcoal disks that I burn my resin incense on, but really any sort of charcoal will work fine.

Ingredient 4.A handheld mirror.  Most mirror spells require this to be a “magick mirror” rather than a common mirror.  This is an easy adjustment.  You can turn any common object into a magickal object by cleansing the energy already inside of it, and replacing it with your own magickal energy and intention.  Put the object under cold, running water, like a natural river or a kitchen sink, and rub your right hand across it as if you’re cleaning physical filth off of it.  You’ll start to feel the resident energy in the object coming to the surface, and each stroke will remove more and more of it from the object, until it finally just feels clean, like an energetic blank slate.  Wash your hands,  shake the energy from your fingertips, and place your right hand on the object that you want to consecrate.  As you breathe in, pull bright energy from all around you, filling your body like a vessel of light.  As you breathe out, push the energy down your arm, out of your hand, and into the object.  The first few repetitions might feel like nothing more than your imagination.  Stay with it, and pretty quickly your doubts will vanish as you feel the object radiating with living power!  You can then give it a command, verbalizing your intention, like: “Mirror, creature of glass, with my breath I have given you life, and with my breath you will thrive and increase.  Awaken as the Waters of Vision, through which all things may be seen; as the Well of Knowledge, from which nothing can be concealed.  So it is done.”

The sea salt and the charcoal are going to be used to make what is called “Black Salt.”  Traditionally, salt is used to absorb energy, especially negative energy, and is a protective magickal element.  The color black is also known to be an attractor, and charcoal contains salt peter, which serves the same purpose.  So, you’ll be making a threefold psychic attractor, a magnet that will draw to it the negative energy that is being directed at you.

All that you need to do is crush up the charcoal until it is a fine powder, add in the sea salt and continue crushing and mixing until you’re left with black salt.  You can then consecrate this the same way as I showed you with the mirror earlier.

Once you have your Black Salt ready, pour it in a bowl, and place the mirror in the black salt on one side of the bowl, and put the fetish link on the other side, so that the mirror is catching the reflection of your attacker.  This is sympathetic magick at its best, every element of this spell symbolizing in a visible way that which is occurring invisibly in the world of energy around us.

With everything in place, gaze at the arrangement and feel the effects of the curse against you lifting, being sucked into the black salt, and then being reflected and returned back to your attacker.  Breathe in, and with every exhalation  push any residual anxiety, fear, and doubt out of your body and into the bowl of black salt.

If by the next day you don’t feel like the effects of the curse have been entirely removed, return to your altar and once again exhaust the negative energy through your breathing and through your psychic focus into the black salt, allowing it to return to its sender.

You may repeat this up to 3 days in a row, after which you can either put the bowl with everything inside of it somewhere out of sight, like a closet or storage space, or you can retire the arrangement by burying it whole, in a sort of mock-funeral, putting to rest the curse and any effects that it once had over your life.

How To Crank Up The Firepower

If you want to take this same ritual concept to the next level, you can do so by making a mirror box.

Take the same magick mirror that you would use in the previous ritual, and scry into it, seeing the astral form of your attacker in the mirror.  Smash the mirror into pieces as you say your attacker’s name aloud.

Carefully take the broken pieces of the mirror, glue them to the inside of a small box.  You don’t have to get too fancy here; I used a small cardboard box, wrapped it in black tape, and used a hot glue gun to fix the mirror shards to the walls and the top of the box.

Pour your Black Salt in the box, and place the fetish link to your attacker in the box.  As before, visualize the end result, and exhaust the energy of the curse that is around and within you, pushing it with your breath into the mirror box.  Close the lid, tying a piece of red ribbon or string around it, and put it away where you can forget about it, so that you can forget about the curse, and forget about your enemy, and get on with life.

Now, this defensive spell is nearly indistinguishable from a curse, and if you take anything away from this today, hopefully it is that you’re not the only one out there who knows how to use magick, so act responsibly and intelligently, and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about!

I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,

EA. Koetting

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