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The 5 Definitive Stages Of Demonic Possession, The Most Revered And Powerful Spirit Contact In All Of Magick... And The 2 Best Ways To Terminate The Encounter Prematurely

Hey Friend,

I’ve gotten so many questions about possession lately, I wanted to tell you a few things about it right here.

The first question I have been getting a lot lately is “Why the HELL would anyone actually want to be possessed?”

In order to really answer this question, we need to take the idea of demons and devils out of the subject at hand, because most people have linked the words “demonic” and “possession” together, and misunderstandings are bound to occur from there.

Possession is when any intelligent entity, force, or current inhabits your body and, with varying degrees of intensity, controls your body and your mind.

So, when you see people in church, wearing their Sunday-best, jumping in the pews, speaking in tongues, convulsing, and calling the name of Jesus, chances are that they’re possessed!

When you witness someone channeling the spirit of a loved one who has passed over to the other side, this is a form of possession as well.

In fact, making any sort of spiritual contact at all, with any nonphysical entity or force, these are all types and degrees of possession.  You see, in order for such an intense connection to be made between a physical person and a spiritual force, that which is connected with cannot remain outside of the observer in order for them to observe, as there is nothing that the senses can behold that would trigger the contact.  Instead, the external entity or force has to penetrate into the mind and body of the individual in order to begin transmitting communication.

Why Do Black Magicians REVERE Demonic Possession?!

So, why would any of this be valuable to the occultist?  The whole matter of spiritual discovery hinges upon spirit contact.  Some people will have all of their questions answered by one or two ghost sightings or unexplained occurrences.  Some of us, though, have more questions, and have deeper questions, and need to delve even deeper into spirit contact in order to reveal the Mystery to us.

In this way, full possession is the most intimate and most intense form of spirit contact available.  With the spirit inside of you, its thoughts become your thoughts, it’s feelings become your feelings, and its power becomes your power.

This is not without danger, though.  If you’re not careful about what entities you allow to possess you, and if you haven’t trained yourself in being able to control the spiritual forces that you call, as you most definitely will learn through my Evocation Course, then a temporary, short-term possession can easily turn into a long-term abusive spiritual relationship, and can cause all sorts of negative consequences in your life.

So, the best way that you can protect yourself against invasive and malevolent possession is to learn how to interact with spirits, learn how to control the invisible power around you, and learn how to command all of existence through spiritual means, which once again you can learn through my Mastering Evocation Training Course.

Of course, possession occurs in various degrees.  Simply seeing a spirit is not quite the same as a spirit forcing your lips to speak in ancient tongues and contorting your body without your control.

In fact, as I’ve studied hundreds of different systems of possession and exorcism, I’ve identified 5 different stages of possession.

Stage 1: Manifestation – This is when the spirit first appears, or when the Operator first makes contact with the spirit.  If the Manifestation happens spontaneously, then the individual will feel much more out of control of the situation than if the Manifestation is coerced through evocation.  This stage of possession is quite non-invasive, for the most part, and is usually fleeting, other than the psychological impression it may leave behind.

Stage 2: Infestation – This is when a spirit infests the life of the individual, outside of the ritual of evocation.  In various ways, the spirit or spirits will demonstrate that they are still there, and they will often do things to bring attention to their presence.  This can manifest in poltergeist activity, phantom voices or footsteps, or in the constant felt presence of the spirit.  These are actually pretty common occurrences for people who evoke spirits often.  If you experience this stage of possession, and are discomforted or harassed by it, it can almost always be solved by a simple area cleansing or banishing.

Stage 3: Mounting – This stage of possession is when the body and mind of the individual need to adapt to allow the spirit to take control.  If you are attempting to become willfully possessed in a ritual setting, you will feel the spirit entering you as an almost electrical force, and as it nests inside of you, you’ll feel your sensory, nervous, and muscular faculties fading from your conscious control, and being controlled by something else.  The more that you fight against this external control, the more violent it will become.  What you should know is that the struggle is not between the spirit and the person, but is between the person’s willingness to give him or her self over to the possession fighting against their reluctance to release control of themselves to something else.  In a ritual setting, the Mounting stage only lasts a few minutes, and is rarely a dangerous situation.  When this process starts in someone who has not trained themselves to handle these sorts of influences, this stage can often last for days or weeks, or sometimes even years, as they battle with themselves, while the entity waits patiently for the individual to make up his or her mind.  In such a situation, most classical, orthodox exorcists call this stage “Oppression,” or “Obsession.”  Either the spirit will do and say things in order to urge the individual into relinquishing control and allowing the possession, or the individual becomes guardedly obsessed with the spirit, praying to it, sacrificing to it, and doing everything short of allowing it to take full possession.

Stage 4: Riding – At this stage, the spirit fully possesses the individual.  Any struggle and adjustment ceases, and the spirit can speak, act, and live through the body of the individual.  This is where possession has its real benefit.  As the person who is possessed, you basically become a passenger in your own body and mind.  What this allows you to do is to observe the possessing spirit.  How does it think?  How does it plan?  How does it perform ritual?  How does it move power?  Gather notes during your period of possession, and then when the spirit has departed, you can start a series of experiments in reproducing all of this, so that your magick will become as strong as the magick that the spirits use!

Stage 5: Perfect Possession – This is a fifth stage of possession, and is pretty rare.  This occurs after repeated possessions, when the individual willingly allows the spirit to permanently co-inhabit his or her body, and co-experience his or her life.  Rather than the spirit driving the vehicle of your body while you merely observe, you’ll become co-pilots.  This becomes a merger between the individual and the spirit, until eventually there is no observable distinction between the person and the possessing spirit.  Obviously, extreme care would need to be taken in which spirit you would do this with, and even then, I’d advise that you reconsider.

Something that you definitely need to know about possession, though, is that it never happens for no reason.  You won’t find yourself walking down the street, and suddenly you’re fully possessed.  In order to activate any of these stages of possession beyond Manifestation, you absolutely must will it to happen.  This process of “willing it” can be as simple as thinking intensely or constantly about a spirit, thereby calling it to you through your thoughts and intentions.

Once the process of possession escalates through these stages, though, it becomes harder and harder to stop, as a certain psychic enmeshing is underway between the will and mind of the spirit and the will and mind of the individual.  However, what is vital is to recognize that at all times, you are the Master of your Self, and that the spirit is connecting with you only because you, too, are connecting with it.  If you want to invite possession, you can do so by establishing contact.  If you want to stop a possession in the early stages, you can do so by spiritually cleansing  area, ceasing making contact, and stopping yourself from even thinking about the entity.  What you’ll find is that the spirit’s involvement in your life wanes at the same rate as your involvement in the spirit’s life wanes.

Can You Terminate A Possession Prematurely?

However, if you are in the latter stages of possession and you don’t have the fortitude or the desire to see it to the end, then you have two options:

1st Exit Strategy: Receive an exorcism.  For the most part, these are not very effective, as the power of the exorcism is not in the exorcist or any priesthood or initiation that he might hold, but the power of the exorcism is as a ritualistic way of removing your attention from the spirit and putting it back onto yourself.  This requires a full confrontation with the spirit, and a conclusion of the contact that has been established.  Exorcisms by priests or reverends are usually pretty ineffective as well, as for the most part, they have no idea what they’re doing, and have only a dogmatic understanding of the nature of spirits and spirit contact anyways.

2nd Exit Strategy:The better method would be to perform an evocation of the spirit that is possessing you, thereby forcing it to leave your body in order to appear before you.  At this point, you can then make contact with the spirit externally, resolve any remaining communication, and dismiss it from your life.

Of course, the efficacy of exorcism is only as strong as your desire to have the spirit out of your life, and unfortunately many people who feel that they are under demonic attack are themselves clinging to the spirit for support, for attention, or sometimes just for companionship. With all of the tools that I have available to you, though, you should be able to manifest everything you desire in your life, so that you’ll never need to turn to self-destruction in order to fulfill your needs!

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I'll talk to you again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting

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