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The REAL Ritual Of Calling The Watchtowers... I Reveal Who The Most Powerful Entities On The Astral Plane Are, And How To Call On Their Services To ENFLAME Your Workings

Hey Friend,

One of the very first rituals that I came across when I initially decided to start practicing magick was what was called the "Opening By Watchtower."

It sounded intense.  It seemed like the sort of "hard core" ritual that serious magicians would use.  Since I wanted to become a serious and hard-core magician, I figured that I should start using this.

As soon as I went beyond simply reading about this ritual and into trying it out for myself, a blanket of confusion set in.

I faced the east and called out, "Guardians of the Watchtowers of the east, come forth and arise, to protect and empower this Sacred Circle."

Mind you, I had no idea what a "Watchtower" was supposed to look like, but I did my best to imagine one.  From what I remember, it ended up looking in my mind like a tall, grey, stone cylindrical castle.  I wasn't sure what this had to do with summoning power, but I went with it, because, honestly, I had nothing else to go on.

I turned to the south and called, "Guardians of the Watchtowers of the south, come forth and arise, to protect and empower this Sacred Circle."

And I continued with the other two directions, until I arrived again in the east.

...I Felt Confused And Frustrated, Because I Performed The Ritual Correctly, And Yet NOTHING Happened...?

I was more confused than ever.

I followed all of the steps, I am certain, but nothing seemed to happen.

I assumed that it must be one of those ritual formalities... kind of like a prayer before bed.  It doesn't mean much, and it doesn't really do anything at all.  But, for some reason, you're just supposed to do it.

Man, was I wrong.

The problem is that I didn't realize how powerful this ritual can be - if it's approached in the right way - until much later.

And, to be honest, that on its own frustrates me a bit, because I could have been reaping the rewards of Opening By Watchtower all along.

The issue wasn't that I hadn't followed the instructions, or that I left something out.  The problem was that NOBODY had made it clear exactly how the ritual is supposed to be performed.

Either you've discovered the REAL way to perform this opening ritual yourself, OR (more likely) you've either tossed it to the side like I did, assuming it to be useless, or you've never even bothered with it before.

Let me tell you this: once you really "get" it, this ritual will add a force and a momentum to your rituals that simply can't be found anywhere else.

Now, what I've discovered is that there are a few different ways that you can Open By Watchtower.  Sure, there are probably hundreds of ways you can do it, but I've found that these actually WORK, and they work every time!

And, you DON'T have to worry... I'm NOT going to give you some half-assed directions and send you on your way wondering what exactly you're supposed to do.

Calling The Watchtowers By Their *ELEMENTS*

A.You can call the Watchtowers by their elements.  One of the big issues I notice that a lot of people have with this ritual is that the idea of a "watchtower" simply isn't a solid enough of a concept to imaginatively lock on to.  I know that I've never seen, felt, heard, smelled, or tasted a watchtower before in the physical world, so I have no ground-level experience with interacting with something like that.

But, the good news is that each of the four Watchtowers have elements attached to them.  East is air, south is fire, west is water, and north is earth.

Here, let me repeat that:

This is a good ritual of Opening By Watchtower if you're just starting out, or if you feel more of a connection to the elements than you do to demons or angels.

Facing east, you can kneel, sit, or stand.

You then want to imagine as clearly as you're able to that the figure of a person is standing before you.  As you visualize this faceless, nameless soul, focus your mind on all of the attributes of the element of air.

Feel the lightness and the flow of air from the figure.  Sense the crispness and the clarity that air embodies.

"Fill" the imagined figure before you with all of the qualities of air-ness, and you'll notice after only a few moments of doing so that your visualization develops a sort of critical mass.  In other words, the things that you were previously only imagining suddenly will transmute into nearly tangible qualities within the shape.

This is what I call elemental "structuring."  Structuring is a cornerstone practice in the development of the Living Imagination, and is essential to all of the 3 Godlike Powers of Evocation, Soul Travel, and Divination.

I know that you might still be having difficulty with clearly using your Magickal Imagination.  Fortunately, I cover this in extreme depth in my Mastering Divination course program.  This course will walk you through EVERYTHING that you need to know about the Magickal Imagination, all forms of Divination, as well as direct Spirit Communication.

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Once you can feel the elemental embodiment in the east, turn to the south and do the same thing with fire, and then water to the west, and earth to the north.

Calling The Watchtowers By Their *ANGELS*

B.You can call the Watchtowers by their Angelic Administrators.  Each direction has a specific Archangel that relates to that position.

East is Raphael.  South is Michael.  West is Gabriel.  North is Uriel.

Here it is again:

If you're adept at evocation, you can easily evoke these archangels in their places before performing any ritual, and you'll see how much more powerful your rituals become when they are carried into the world by these beings of Divine Providence.

If you haven't yet Mastered the Godlike Power of evocation, you can still call on these archangels using their sigils.

And, if you're not sure how to open and consecrate a sigil, you must have mistakenly not downloaded your copy of my e-book "Become A Living God," in which I outline not only sigil charging, but candle magick, sympathetic magick, evocation, necromancy, demonic magick, and a TON more!

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Calling The Watchtowers By Their *DEMONS*

C.Lastly, you can call the Watchtowers by their Demonic Administrators.

Now, this gets a bit tricky.

Some people say that the demons of the cardinal directions are: Lucifer to the east; Belial to the north; Leviathan to the west; and Satan to the south.

Others swap Lucifer with Asmoday, or Leviathan with Oriens.

Some even change it completely.  Rabbinical mystics say they are Samael, Azazel, Azäel, and Mahazael.   Other texts claim them to be Amaymon, Corson, Zimimay, and Goap.

Honestly, the list could go on FOREVER with the opinions of scholars.

Which is why I insist that experience trumps academia every time!

...The Most Powerful Entities On The Astral Plane Are The 4 Demonic Gatekeepers...

What I've found in my experience is that the four Demonic Gatekeepers are the most powerful entities on the astral plane.  These four will not only assist you with your rituals, protecting and empowering you, but they'll also guide you into the most powerful forms of magick and sorcery imaginable!

They are the Gatekeepers not of the Gates of Hell alone, but also of the Gates of Godhood.  None can experience absolute spiritual autonomy without having at some point crossing paths with these four Demonic Kings.

Their names are: Azazel, Amaymon, Abaddon, and Belial.

Using evocation or sigil magick, you can call any of the combinations of demons listed above to stand as Watchtowers over your rituals.  BUT, if you decide to call on the Gatekeepers for this, be warned that all of existence will begin to strive to make a God out of you... so if you're not ready for absolute power, you might want to hold off.

Of course, mastering evocation will allow you to begin this path of Ascent towards Godhood, and I'm right in the middle of putting together a full course on Mastering Evocation.  Keep an eye out for it, because the information in that course is going to absolutely CHANGE THE WORLD!

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Whichever of these methods you choose to use in your rituals, know that Opening By Watchtower could make the difference between limitless success and unbearable failure.

I'll talk to you again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting

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