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You Cannot Escape The Forces Of Magick... They Affect Your Reality Constantly… Whether You Ask Them To Or Not!

E.A. Koetting

ANNOUNCEMENT: on the 29th at midnight (Tuesday night), I will reveal the world's first full cinematic pathworking of black magick. It consists of three formats: (1) lecture on ideas and philosophy, (2) ritual walk-through, and (3) live performance. I pledge the honor of my own name that nothing like this has EVER existed in all of history—that is a FACT! I often say that I wish Become A Living God and my training progams were available to me when I discovered black magick, because they would have saved me from a decade or more of struggle, complication, and confusion. Also, the ingenius philosophical treatise Black Magick: The Left Hand Path by TIMOTHY becomes available in limited edition only for pre-order the night before on the 28th (Monday night). If you have not already, you *need* to sign up RIGHT HERE to stay ahead of the curve, and make history with us!

Hey Friend,

For the first several years of practicing magick, I made the same assumption that nearly every magician makes.

Had I known this one simple magickal truth, I could have saved myself from endless frustration, needlessly repeated rituals, and years of confusion.

You probably think, like I thought until I knew better, that magick is something that you can tap into when you need it, when you want the help of the supernatural in your life, and that you can call upon it through ritual and aim it at your target.

This is true… but it’s only half of the truth.

The other half is literally what isn’t seen:  Once you start using magick, these powers become active in your life.

One way that you can think about it is to see it as a sort of binary code… magick is either “on” or “off.”  Performing a ritual switches magick to “on” in your reality, but it usually will switch to “off” once the goal has been achieved.

When You Make Magick A Regular Practice, These Forces Stay “On,” And Continue To Work In Your Life At All Times!

When you make magick a regular practice, though, instead of switching back and forth between on and off, these conscious and living forces simply stay “on,” and continue to work in your life, in accordance with your desires, your thoughts, feelings, and even your hidden needs.

This can be frustrating when you start to see unintended miracles, supernatural “accidents”, and manifestations of secret desires appearing in your life, when you haven’t even performed ritual for these things!

As soon as you acknowledge the presence and activity of magick in your life at all times, though, you can work with it rather than against it by consecrating your thoughts, feelings, desires, and your life as a whole to your Ascent!

While filming my upcoming Black Magick training course, I not only teach you how to get magick moving reality in the direction that you want, but I experienced magickal miracles one after another, and I gained an even clearer view of the true potency of Spellcasting once it reaches critical mass!

Check out this exclusive Behind-The-Scenes interview where my assistant Doug and I discuss all of the strange events that we experienced, and the life changing lessons you can expect to get, in the Black Magick Mastery training course!

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