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Harness The Ancient Magick Power Of Odin’s Runes With A Fully Comprehensive Rune Reading By The Norse Sorcerer N.M. Ginnarr… Unlock Your Secret Destiny With A Proven Roadmap To Success

  •   Rune Reading: Live chat on Zoom, Messenger, Skype, Email
  •   Confidentiality: No judgement, no taboos, total privacy
  •   Records: Includes photographs and notes of the reading
  •   Quality Guarantee: Proven experience with years of readings
  •   Limited Availability: Consultant accepts limited number of clients
N.M. Ginnarr
  • Unlock one of the oldest, most ancient, most magick forms of divination.
  • Discover the exact energies necessary to achieve any life goal, and overcome any crisis
  • Create a roadmap of success through scrying your Wyrd (destiny)
  • Reveal the full spectrum of your personal and universal energy currents
  • Access the ancestral codex of knowledge and power from generations of sorcerers
  • Receive a 100% pure reading free from toxic Christian symbolism
  • Receive the most accurate reading possible for a Left Hand Path pagan


  • Perfect for in-depth discussion
  • The most popular type of reading
  • Convenient for quick questions
  • Most affordable for you

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Peer Reviews

  • N.M. Ginnarr was very patient with me. He thoroughly answered all my questions, much of what he revealed was surprising, and the remainder confirmed what others have picked up. Every time he cast his runes, he nailed it without fail. Now I know what to do to get through a more difficult patch in my life, and how to better set myself up for the future. He helped me to nail the root cause of an issue and what I need to do to turn this around and to set myself up to be more successful. I now have knowledge on what current of magick I have lot of potential with, and knowledge on what I should do to pave more avenues for wealth to flow into my life. I highly recommend his rune readings! I will be a repeat customer for sure!

  • My reading with N.M. Ginnarr was extremely accurate. He hit so many key points that only a true, psychically-gifted spiritualist would pick up on! He also helped me get an accurate overview of what the future holds in store, and this has me feeling excited and ready to embrace the goals I've had affirmed within this reading, thank you!

  • N.M. Ginnarr has been a friend of mine for a number of years, and I've seen the quality of his rune readings grow each time I've asked him to read for me. I'm a practicing occultist and am capable of reading for myself, but I've always preferred other people to read for me to avoid my own bias. Recently I've been dealing with several very confusing issues in my personal life and career, and went to N.M. with them. He pinpointed the exact energies that were taking place with startling accuracy, and finally brought me the clarity I've been looking for. I couldn't recommend him enough.

    F.M. Thorsson

Dear Friend,

I am Rune Reader and Norse Sorcerer, N.M. Ginnarr. I have performed thousands of Rune Readings for people around the world. Over time, clear and obvious patterns have emerged in regard to the common crises, circumstances, and ambitions of human beings in general.

Let me ask you...

  • Do you find yourself struggling to find the answer amidst your spiritual journey? Are you feeling confused in life?
  • Are you reeling from a broken heart, or seeking to detect deceit or dishonesty in a lover?
  • Do you need to clear the path for a major occult working?
  • Would you like to see past, present, and future events in your life?
  • Do you need to know which demons, gods and magick forces walk with you, but don't know how?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then I can most definitely assist you with a Rune Reading. The Runes can show the effective course of action for all these situations, and much more.

Raise Your Power With The Secret Knowledge Of An Ancient Ancestral Dark Art — Free From The Fake Limits Of Christian Dogma

I have walked and explored the occult traditions since the age of 15, starting from nothing and with no one in my corner, to achieving my desires that people three times my age could only dream of, through these Dark Arts. I believe that power should be accessible to all, free of dogmatic, moralistic foolishness, and that we should embrace taboos and rise to defy expectations.

We have all ran into this at some point: The love and light tarot reader who tells you to, “Submit and come unto the light of Jesus.” I don’t do that, with me, you can talk about ANYTHING. My readings are devoid of Christian nonsense and filters.

We have all also ran into that reader that encourages the toxicity of “detaching from your worldly desires.” I’ll tell you how you can achieve them. A Left Hand Path reader will always benefit a Left Hand Path practitioner more than a Wiccan or Christianized reader ever will. I practice these traditions free of Christian poison, as it was originally intended. Odin didn’t sacrifice himself for love and light, he did it for power, freedom and knowledge, the epitome of the Left-Hand Path.

The Old Norse Story Of How The All-Father Odin Discovered Runes Through The Limitless And Forbidden Power Of Death And Rebirth

You see, the Runes were not just merely a writing system to the Old Norse peoples, they were a way of casting magick as well. We don’t know much about the Runes historically. They are debated to be based on an older Mediterranean language; however, we don’t actually know for sure. What we do know is that in Norse myth, it is said that Odin had hung from the World Tree, called Yggdrasil, for 9 days and 9 nights without nourishment to discover the runes. This, in the simplest terms, is symbolic of shamanic initiation. Him, dying to himself, FOR himself, to receive power — death and rebirth.

In the Havamal, he goes on to describe them as being capable of anything, from being able to calm armies of men to being able to break the shackles placed upon a man. Those who used them were the Vitkar and Volur (plural for Vitki and Volva, who were the witch and sorcerer, respectively). They would wander from village to village dispensing prophecies through the runes and visions they would obtain through them. Throughout legend and poems, you see examples of Odin reanimating the dead, Volva’s divining the future and healing with them, and Valkyries instructing warriors to carve them onto the edge of blades to strengthen them. Beyond being a method of divination, the runes are energetic and universal gateways, they can also cover things that the scope of Tarot, cannot as they themselves are aspects of nature and the universe at large.

How The Ancient Dark Arts Of The Runes Can Transform Your Life More Than Any Other Divination System Anywhere

Truthfully, I prefer a Rune Reading more than any other divination system. It has unlocked secret knowledge in my life better than any other traditional occult reading. You can see only the TIP of the iceberg below:

  • The Runes are an older, more ancient, and established form of divination, even more comprehensive than other styles of divination.
  • They’re 100% free from the toxic Christian symbolism one might find in something like the Tarot, which means it’s fully removed from the divine, white-light fluff of Right Hand Path theology.
  • Runes cover the broadest spectrum of personal and universal energies, which can more accurately reveal where a person is and what is going on in their life. They can accurately pinpoint the exact energies to work with to achieve any goal, as well as reveal the surrounding energies of a situation and how they came to be.
  • If you are a Left Hand Path pagan, you will absolutely find their message more applicable to your life.
  • The Runes were used by generations of sorcerers and practitioners before you, so when you perform Rune Magick, you also access the ancestral codex of their knowledge and power, which you cannot do as effectively with other divination systems.

How To Book Your Fully Comprehensive Magick Rune Reading With Me Right Now

When you book your Rune Reading, I am going to perform a "deep dive" into your life through the revelatory magick power of the Runes — like seeing an x-ray vision of your soul journey.

Wyrd means "personal destiny" in Old Norse

By scrying your Wyrd, or personal destiny, I will help you create a roadmap to success, while avoiding unforeseen pitfalls. In your Rune Reading, I will closely scry these main points of concern:

  • The current main forces that favor you
  • The precise actions that either serve or hold you back, i.e., the core strengths that you can summon to triumph over adversity
  • How to ascend in your life and raise your magick power to its peak potential.
  • And any additional needs and wants that you share with in the Rune Reading itself.

Receive Either A 60-Minute Or 30-Minute Live Reading On Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Or Email — 100% Confidential With Your Privacy Guaranteed

You can see how to book your Rune Reading below:

  • Book your preferred time and day
  • Pick your favorite chat app
  • Receive your confidential Rune Reading, photographs, and reference materials

I am more than happy to complete either a 60-minute or 30-minute Rune Reading according to your needs. Of course, the  60-minute reading allows you the most powerful and in-depth reading, and a helpful 30-minute reading allows you the most convenience in terms of your availability.

At the time of your reading, I will contact you on your preferred app, either Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or email. And I guarantee your private reading will remain 100% confidential.

I will also provide reference materials to consult after the Rune Reading has completed in the form of notes and photographs of the reading itself. This allows you to refer back to your personal discoveries at any time, to guarantee that never forget how to conquer your life circumstances.

I welcome you to book your transformative Rune Reading with me today, and unlock the limitless power and knowledge of this ancient ancestral Dark Art of the All-Father Odin. I will see you in the Rune Reading...

Hail Yourself,

Meet The Author

N.M. Ginnarr

Rune reader, N.M. Ginnarr, accesses the ancestral codex of knowledge and power with the Dark Arts of Norse Sorcery to empower human ascent.