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E.A. Koetting

In Interviews With A Magus, you will:

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    • Receive all 12 interviews
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Every month, E.A. will provide you a brand new “Interview With A Magus” that’s jam packed with the hardest hitting, never-before-seen information and advice that you can IMMEDIATELY implement to get outstanding results from your ritual magick.

Raven Digitalis

Introduction to neo-paganism and mysticism

Robert Bruce

Real stories of human shapeshifting

Frater Barrabbas

The truth about spirit worship and evocation

Jhon Longshaw

Heralding demonic revelations and encounters with evil

Michael Ford

Employing Luciferian Witchcraft to change the world

The Wandering Fool

Implementing the weapons of ritual to perform magick

Kenrick Cleveland

Exposing the bullshit of initiation & secrets of covert hypnosis

Dar Alexander

Undergoing demonic possession in sex and orgy

Andrieh Vitimus

How to prove magick and the occult is real

Somnus Dreadwood

Performing black magick to transform earth into astral portal

Winter Laake

Introduction to Satanism of Anton Lavey

Anima Noira

True story about how magick drove her insane and her survival

Dante Abiel

Embracing the dark psycholoy of the Left Hand Path

Phil Farber

Using hypnosis and psychedelics to empower magick rituals

Eric Colon

An introduction to the Congo religion, Palo Mayombe

Robert Bruce

Defending against demonic possession and vampirism

Jason Newcomb

Dialing into a spirit’s wavelength for communication

Charles Cosimano

Harnessing psionic technology to speed up ritual results

Dante Abiel

Exposing the secrets of necromancy and spirit contact

Thomas Wright

How to enliven your magickal imagination for clairvoyance

Nicholas Bonnelli

Aspiring to build a magick empire that lasts for aeons

Nate Bales

A walk through E.A.’s personal history of magick Ascent

Clint Marsh

Understanding mentalism to affect change in your own reality

S. Connolly

Examining the rites of demon-worship, known as Demonolatry

Dear Friend,

Do you ever doubt that magick is real, because YOU have never gotten any significant results?

Are you tired of conventional occult beliefs and looking for NEW IDEAS that are innovative and cutting edge?

Have you ever wanted to “pick the brain” of the world’s most experienced magicians, so you could learn their personal success stories?

Do you find it difficult to “get going” and actually start performing magick?

Have you ever wondered why it’s so EASY for some people to get MASSIVE success with magick, while it’s so HARD for others to get even a LITTLE success?

Could you use some “monthly motivation” to keep you inspired and help you overcome any internal doubts and insecurities about your magickal abilities?

If you’re AT ALL like me when I started “learning the ropes”, then you DEFINITELY answered yes to most, if not ALL, of these questions.

I Put Genius Sorcerers On The “Hot Seat” And Get Them To “Spill The Beans” On How They Got Outstanding Success

As you know, I’ve written several well-known books on the occult and Left Hand Path over the years, and it’s enabled me to create friendships with many of the world’s best magicians.

These ridiculously powerful sorcerers would often share mind-blowing secrets with me about the results from their rituals, or experiments where they’d be testing all-new magick ideas and strategies that’d ABSOLUTELY SHOCK even the most veteran occultists.

The problem is that I was the only one hearing about these incredible discoveries and insights that are advancing the field and study of magick.

To help aspiring magicians get access to these advanced rituals, unprecedented success stories, and cutting edge theories, I decided to start up my “Interviews With A Magus” interview series. It’s my way to showcase and debut all these innovative and controversial breakthoughs, many of which directly challenge the status quo of the occult.

Here’s How It Works… Get Your First Month FREE And Just Stay Subscribed, Or Cancel Anytime

Every month I am going to give you a brand new interview with a real magus, who will reveal the hardest-hitting information on magick that you will find ANYWHERE.

In fact, if you find a BETTER interview series, that delivers information that’s more useful than mine, then let me know, because I want to check it out!

Get started RIGHT NOW and I’ll let you have the first interview TOTALLY FREE. You will NOT be billed for a full 30 days. If you stay subscribed – and I bet you will – you’ll be charged only $19.97 once per month, for as long as you’re a happy subscriber!

And if for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER you are unsatisfied, just let me know at my help desk – located right here – and we’ll immediately cancel your subscription and stop billing you. And NO, I don’t mind if you sign up JUST FOR the free first month.

It’s REALLY that easy! (No tricks, scams, or hidden fees)

Here’s JUST A FEW Of The Respected Magicians Who Have Blown Our Subscribers Away With Their Powerful Revelations And Lifechanging Occult Stories

It’s impossible to choose a favorite interview from our series, so instead we’ll just name a few of the popular authors and respected magicians whose names you may recognize. Each of these individuals DUG DEEP and opened up on their results from magick experiments and forbidden rituals that they’ve NEVER shared ANYWHERE ELSE…

Dante Abiel, advanced necromancer
Learn about Death Essence from the perspective of Haitian Vodoun, so that you can start performing necromancy by yourself. Dante recounts his own electrifying experiences raising the dead, and gives crucial tips for navigating the Afterlife and contacting the deceased.

Robert Bruce, author of best-selling “Astral Dynamics”
Get the real truth about astral possession, demonic haunting, and vampirism. Robert shares the terrifying story of when he suffered full possession, and explains exactly what he did to completely exorcise the occupying entity.

S. Connolly, author of “The Complete Book of Demonalotry”
Discover the religion of demon worship, known as Demonolatry, and receive incredible spiritual blessings from these godlike entities. Stephanie walks you through the fundamental beliefs and rites around demonic power, as well as integrating them into your everyday life.

Jason Newcomb, author of “Sexual Sorcery”
Explore the Priest and Magus personality archetypes with Jason, to get a richer understanding of why YOU feel drawn to magick and the occult. He gives tips for dialing into the “wavelength” of a spirit, so that you get more powerful results from your divination and evocation.

Phil Farber, author of “Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem”
Achieve new states of consciousness through the combination of magick rituals, and powerful hypnosis. Phil reveals how to utilize Neuro-Linguistic Programming to heighten your mystical experiences.

And I’m JUST getting started…

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Godlike Power,

EA. Koetting

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