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Norse Magick, Heathenry & Paganism

Peer Reviews

  • founders_ea_koetting

    This grimoire is the Norse magickal text that I have been searching for for over 20 years. It contains more real, working rituals than any other book on the subject. The runic associations and attributions that Asbjorn provides are practical and Ascendant, and each is given with precise means of activating them in your life. Asbjorn’s magickal theory is also very sound, grounded in logic and evidence, while still making room for the mysterious, even the miraculous. A magician’s library is far from complete without this book in it.

    E.A. KoettingBlack magickian
  • Dean Kirkland, Asbjorn Torvol

    Asbjörn Torvol is a truly intuitive Vitki. He has a very strong link to the ancestors and wights of Northern Europe and an instinctive understanding of their needs, and as a result is able to make connections that few others see. He also takes a balanced approach working with the Æsir, Vanir and Rokkr in equal measure, something that’s sadly missing from the practices of many modern Vitki.

    Dean KirklandNorse magician
  • Edgar Kerval

    Asbjörn Torvol is a dedicated author and handcrafted individual focusing deeply into diverse forms of sorcery. mostly of his work is strongly connected with Norse shamanism, in which he has been working for years. He is one of the promising authors coming with visionary ideas and transformative spiritual process handled in a very focused way.

    Edgar KervalAuthor


My Name is Asbjörn Torvol and I classify myself as a Norse Vitki (Sorcerer/Shaman). My history goes back quite a long way. From a very early age I was curious about the world of religion, philosophy, and spirituality. My curiosity lead me to search for new information and question the truths of many faiths. In my early teens, I discovered Paganism and Magick and my practice as a magician started. I experimented in Western Ceremonial Magick, Hermeticism, Thelema, and varying areas of psychological magick. In my late teens, I delved into necromancy with a deep fascination for the dead and the study of death itself. I found my true calling in Asatru/Heathenry and Norse Shamanism. After an intense awakening and calling to Thor I did not hesitate in beginning my research and practice.

I Finally Found My Home In Norse Magick…

After a lot of research and learning I decided that I wanted to learn Norse magick and truly commit to the path as a Vitki. It was at this same time I was taken as an apprentice Vitki by Dean Kirkland, who opened many doors of opportunity for me. All my life I have felt like a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit anywhere but in the Norse Magick I found where I was meant to be. My goal in magick is to help others, share my knowledge and continue to progress myself. I wish to pass on the traditions and techniques that were passed down to me, and to continue to develop my own new spin on those same practices.

I View The Gods As An Extension Of Ourselves, Thus We Can Wield Their Magick…

Unlike many on my path I do not hold the belief that magick is exclusive nor is it special. Magick is very mundane at its core and the only difference between the magician/practitioner and everyone else is that the magician does it intentionally. Magick to me is not mystical but rather psychological. I have said many time magick is simply the mind. The work of the magician and indeed all magick is psychological in nature, and the inclusion of ritual tools and ingredients are to aid in the immersion of the psychological mind or as it is more commonly called psychodrama. In this same way, I do not believe my gods are entirely psychological but rather they are natural outward expressions as well as personifications of the self we are able to surface.

Norse Sorcery Taps Into The Strongest, Most Primitive Forces Of Nature…

In all of my magickal work I aim to include some element of science. Science has often been put at war against spirituality and I personally think this is a mistake. There is much of science that can aid in the work of the magician. I like to call this Scientific Spiritualism. Magick itself is psychological to me in nature and so including science is not just a way to understand the concepts of magick but also to aid in receiving more consistent results. However, excluding the science and psychology aspect my work as a Vitki takes me into the depths of nature. The biggest part of my path is connecting with natural currents and cycles in the attempt to become one with the natural web of reality. In this way, I am not limited in my magickal work by any societal chain as like the earth itself, I utilize both the great creation and devastating destruction.

Stay True and Stay Awesome,

Asbjorn Torvol Signature

—The Heathen

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