The Black Dragon: Asmoday’s Inferno Rite
Let The Lord Of Lust Trigger Your Sexual Alchemy, Initiate You Into True Love Magick, And Accelerate Your Eternal Ascent Into Spiritual Darkness

  •   The Black Dragon: Asmoday’s Inferno Rite on New Moon, Sept 17
  •   Video Proof: Watch recording of my live performance, Sept 21
  •   Full Breakdown: Receive a full breakdown of my experiences
  •   Ritual Orientation eBook: A complete introduction to the ritual

With The Black Dragon: Asmoday’s Inferno Rite by E.A. Koetting, you will:

  • Accelerate your spiritual ascent
  • Immediate increases in bio-energy
  • Look and feel younger than ever
  • Supercharge your libido & sexual alchemy
  • Insights, dreams & omens for your ascent
  • Let go of past trauma and reframe self-image

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The Black Dragon: Asmoday's Inferno Rite

Peer Reviews

  • The primal fire of Asmodeus ascends through the Tree of Shadows, and under this emanation it’s exalted in the Golachab Qlipha. This primal fire leads us to find the deepest aspects of our self and the ability to manifest it through a process of psychic empowerment. The specific goal is the articulation of the soul, and the will of the adept. This fire is considered black because it is the symbol of the unknown, as an extended part of psyche and subconscious. Magickal workings with Asmodeus are a vast ocean of knowledge, the rising of consciousness, the ascension of spirit and self.

    Edgar Kerval, Author & Qliphothic Magician
  • I have walked almost every path and paradigm I could find and none gave me the calling that the path of the Infernal Empire did. It’s my home, the demons and devils like Asmodeus are my brothers, sisters, and fellow comrades. Looking back on how far I’ve come is incredible to say the least. It was far from easy though, and there is an inner magick that comes into play, an alchemical process not transforming lead into gold, but instead it is a black alchemy.

    Conner Kendall, Author & Sorcerer
  • thumbnail-orlee-stewart-compressor

    To sit upon the lap of god is to be torn to shreds. The lord of lust opens a gateway beyond the pleasures of flesh as a transcendental escape beyond our material world of illusions. There is much to be said on the power of desire as it is the force which provokes humanity towards our further incarnations and the cycle of rebirth.

    Orlee Stewart, Author & Tarot Reader

Dear Friend,

I am extending a one-time invitation to participate in an exclusive ritual evocation and pact rite with the Black Dragon called Asmoday’s Inferno Rite. This ritual calls down the fires of Asmoday into your life and being, transmuting negative experiences and attachments, transforming obstacles in your path into opportunities for Ascent, and igniting your lusts and your magick for you to use in ritual, or in the pleasures of the flesh!

Most who come to Black Magick only come for the gift shop at the end of the ride, asking what the demons will require as a sacrifice, and not quite believing nor understanding me when I respond: “You will have to sacrifice everything if you want all that the Lord of Darkness offers.”

Asmoday promises to fulfill love, prosperity, influence, lust, friendship, luck, and revenge, and he can and will do so once he is called, but never forget that the powers and insights gained are balanced by the sacrifices that we are willing to make and the change that we are willing to endure as we open Asmoday’s Gate. — The Grimoire of Asmoday

Do you even know what you want from this Gatekeeper? Do you know exactly what you want to gain by working with Asmoday and by opening his Gate? You can want ten thousand things from Asmoday, but what you will receive is put on the balance with what you are willing to do. If you are willing to go all the way, if you’re ready to go all-in on who you know you really are, then the Infernal Empire opens all of its treasures to you!

Some of the things that Asmoday offers as his part of this pact are:

  • Accelerate your Ascent into Spiritual Darkness
  • Immediate increases in bio-energy and vitality
  • Heightened sex drive and sexual prowess
  • Amplify the power of sex magick and spellcasting
  • Boost in luck and gambling
  • Boost in magickal manipulation power
  • Look and feel younger than ever
  • Insights, dreams, and omens guiding your Path of Ascent forward
  • Let go of past trauma and reframe your self-image
  • Transmute blockages to your Ascent
  • And much MORE that only Asmodeus knows

Most of all, this pactworking with Asmoday is essential for any magician preparing for a journey into Spiritual Darkness. Asmoday offers all the preparation needed, and he will literally open the infernal armory to your disposal!

In exchange for the countless gifts, powers, and abilities that are possible through this ritual, Asmoday requires a sacrifice of the self. In order to become the person you need to become, you may need to sacrifice relationships, circumstances, beliefs, and even attitudes that hold you back from your absolute divinity. Once this ritual is performed, these weak links will be revealed, and you will be armed with all magickal power to resolve them!

The Lord Of Lust — Also Known As Asmodeus And Asmoday — Initiates Magicians Into True Love Magick In Order To Trigger Sexual Alchemy… Here’s What To Expect With Asmoday’s Inferno Rite On The New Moon September 17th

I have already dedicated weeks to arranging my ritual area and will return there on the day of this ritual. The Black Dragon Ritual pact is Asmodeus pact with you. Some of the most common experiences that magicians encountered with previous demonic pacts include:

  • Magick Mentorship – Become an Apprentice of Asmodeus & the Demonic Gatekeepers to receive their priceless counsel, magick procedures, and experiences
  • Dreamwalking – Asmodeus & the Demonic Gatekeepers forcibly manifest in your dreams, or use your dream state to summon you to their throne rooms to counsel your magick ascent.
  • Astral Journeys – Asmodeus & the Demonic Gatekeepers help you to astral project, and take you on extensive tours of rare and obscure areas of The Infernal Empire.
  • Physical Possession – At your welcome, Asmodeus & the Demonic Gatekeepers possess you psychically, corporally, and energetically. They can also possess others at your command!
  • Sexual & Glamor Powers – Asmodeus & the Demonic Gatekeepers can teach you how to seduce others, how to cast powerful sexual attraction spells, and how to use sexual energy for spellcasting
  • Magnified Spellcasting – Asmodeus & the Demonic Gatekeepers multiply the power of your spells and rites and increases results.
  • Domination – Asmodeus & the Demonic Gatekeepers can clear your path of all obstacles, spiritual or mundane, and can destroy those who stand in your way
  • Spiritual Autonomy – Asmodeus & the Demonic Gatekeepers teach you how to become a spiritually autonomous being, a law unto yourself!

What Asmodeus & The Demonic Gatekeepers Expect Back

  1. The Gateway – Become the Gateway of Asmodeus and help him to incarnate his magick on this earth plane through your magick support
  2. Asmodeus Gnosis – Watch the ritual video that I’ll send you after the ritual is complete, and follow the instructions that I will provide for your part of the ritual to call Asmodeus & the Demonic Gatekeepers into your life.
  3. Become the Lord of Lust – Study the Compendium of Asmodeus, perform the meditations, rituals, and magickal practices to the best of your ability to undergo initiation into the Current of the Storm God.

As you keep your end of Black Dragon Ritual pact, you can rest assured that Asmodeus & the Demonic Gatekeepers will keep their promises to you!

Let The Black Dragon Initiate You Into True Love Magick And Teach You How To Love Yourself With Asmoday’s Inferno Rite

As a final word of warning: This ritual is not for people who are simply curious, and it is not for those who just want to see if it will work. This is a lasting and binding Initiation between you and this emissary of the Demonic Gatekeepers.

Once I perform this pact ritual for you, Asmodeus & the Demonic Gatekeepers will come to you, they will remain with you, and in their own words: “You will become the Black Gate of Asmodeus and enter sexual gnosis with the Lord of Lust.”

Book The Black Dragon: Asmoday’s Inferno Rite pactworking now, and I will see you on the New Moon, September 17th…

Godlike Power,

Signature E.A. Koetting

Become A Living God