The Ultimate “Super-Grimoire” Of Qliphothic Nightside Sorcery… Journey With S. Ben Qayin As He Creates The First Complete 11-Volume Grimoire On The Magic Of The 11 Qliphothic Spheres

Qliphothic Nightside Sorcery

Dear Friend,

The realm of The Tree of Death is as a silent snow driven desert, a vast cold plain permeated with a feeling of utter spiritual darkness. Much power resides within this abandoned reality, it flows as a bitter wind that travels through the soul, and cuts to the bone. This plane was never meant for the passage of humans, never meant to be accessed by those who would dare call upon the power of pure darkness. Within this realm reside the Qliphoth… the reverse side of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. They are the dark shells of true horror and destruction that reside within the hidden and forsaken folds of reality. They are of the negative land, of the fields of faded greyscale that exist within the realm of the Sitra Ahra. Each Qliphothic sphere has their own powerful attributes and energies that the black magician can tap into, to fully awaken the seething darkness that dwells within each who walk the shadowed path of the serpent.

A Mega-Grimoire Of Qliphothic Nightside Sorcery

In this massive eleven-volume series ‘Qliphothic Nightside Sorcery,’ the black magician will learn how to fully utilize the concealed energies within each Qliphothic shell. Every grimoire concentrates on one Qliphothic sphere, descending the forsaken Tree of Death, following in the path of the blackened serpent.

  1. Thaumiel
  2. Ghogiel
  3. Satariel
  4. Agshekeloh
  5. Golohab
  6. Tagiriron
  7. Herab
  8. Serapel
  9. Samael
  10. Gamaliel
  11. Lilith

Each sphere, its essence, its demonic intelligence and the ruling infernal demon that reign over it, will be examined in full detail. Each volume will give the black magician the forbidden gnosis to work with these concealed energies within their own ritual chamber, as the philosophy of each sphere and full sinister rites are revealed and explained. Using reversed engineered technology from The Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon, the black magician will have full access to the Qliphothic Nightside as never before. Each of the eleven grimoires in the ‘Qliphothic Nightside Sorcery’ series are divided into two parts; the first examines the demonic intelligence associated with each Qliphothic sphere, and the second, the sinister rites to evoke and work with them in a powerful and personal way. These eleven grimoires are a sinister pathworking, designed to guide the black magician through the Abyss of reality, into the seas of flowing Chaos. As each volume is released, the black magician will descend further down the Three of Death into demonic darkness, where they will find the eleven keys, to the eleven gates of anti-creation.

Come… Venture Into This Darkscape Of Forever Night…

Come, venture into this darkscape of forever night, take up the forbidden power that lies concealed beneath the blinding illusion of the dayside. Access the ancient ones within their abode of the Sitra Ahra.

A storm is brewing, the raven calls…

I can already hear the demons scratching at the veil…

S. Ben Qayin