If The Devil Penned A Deathbed Confessional To Disclose The Philosophy Behind His Evil, What Would He Say? I Underwent Diabolical Possession For Six Months To Find Out His Answer

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Timothy Donaghue

The Devil: Suicide, Apocalypse & The Abyss

  • Discover the perverse, adverse & inverse ideas hidden in Western Philosophy
  • Find the true origin & meaning of The Devil
  • Become versed in Nietzsche, Heraclitus & other Antichrists
  • Trace the genealogy of religion, rise of the Priesthood, and demonization of enemy deities
  • Witness the death of god

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The Devil: Suicide, Apocalypse & The Abyss

Peer Reviews

  • founders_ea_koetting

    The function of the Devil in every religion and every system is not to lead the righteous astray, nor is it to destroy that which is good.  The Devil serves the single purpose of exposing the sins of the Highest.  Timothy’s book, “The Devil” is indeed the Devil’s work, exposing the sins of those who would claim to be without sin, revealing the secret evils of the righteous, and putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of “god,” where it truly belongs!  Timothy’s genius is a sharp sword, and in “The Devil” he decapitates “god” with a single blow!

    E.A. Koetting, author
  • S. Ben Qayin

    I have found its truths to be rationally undeniable. There is so much confusion over what defines the LHP, and this work clarifies that in a straight forward “in your face” manner. I highly recommend it.

    S. Ben Qayin, author
  • S. Connolly

    Timothy has written a laudable book on LHP philosophy and practice. I would highly recommend it above Anton Lavey’s Satanic Bible as a staple for any LHP magician’s bookshelf.

    S. Connolly, author

Trigger Warning: The Devil Gives Zero Fucks

Dear Friend,

  • Do you live an alternative lifestyle?
  • Do you feel alienated by mainstream culture and society?
  • Have you ever wondered where your personality falls on the spectrum of Western thought?
  • Do you feel a sense of nausea or doom for the future of humanity?

It might surprise you that the greatest philosophers in history all felt these same awkward, antisocial feelings too! You read that right: many of these enlightened figures confessed in their personal diaries how they felt chronic loneliness and depression, even suicidal tendencies. But why?!

“The barrel of a revolver is for me a source of relatively pleasant thoughts.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche, Selected Letters

It’s called existential angst.

I refer to this experience as fallout… when a critical thinker identifies the deception of reality and divorces from the society of fools whom deify it… when a person questions their own existence and admits that they have no final answer to the mystery but only a trash can full of popular lies.

“My whole life has crumbled under my gaze: this whole eerie, deliberately secluded secret life… all my human relationships have to do with a mask of me and I must perpetually live a completely hidden life.”
—Friedrich Nietzsche, Selected Letters

I Underwent Diabolical Possession For Six Months And Remained In The Persona Of ‘The Hated One’ Full-Time Like A Method Actor In Order To Write From The Devil’s Perspective

The Luciferic Rebellion, the War in Heaven, the Fall From Grace, the Temptation in the Desert, Revelation, the Final Judgement, Eternal Damnation… everybody on earth knows these archetypal mythos of the Christian saga.

In this context, who could experience more existential angst, more fallout, than The Devil himself? Would not The Devil possess the loneliest, most forlorn, most arrogant personality ever?

Does Not The Devil Deserve To Be Heard In Full At Least Once? As A Matter Of Fairness, Should We Not Listen To His Side Too?

In truth, it hurt badly to write this book and to live full-time in the psychology of The Devil for months. Have you ever heard the term method actor? It refers to an actor or actress who stays in character for the movie full-time. I essentially did this. To coin a phrase: I became a method author. I remained in the persona of The Devil – I let him possess my psyche – and disclosed my most honest and authentic feelings through the terminology and concepts of Western Philosophy.

I Experienced Insane, Dramatic Mood Swings

Certain days, I would close my laptop and feel an infinite distance from humanity. Waves of depression would consume me. I felt forsaken and thus vengeful. I truly identified with the personality of The Devil and at night it felt like I slept in the fucking abyss.

However, the pendulum would unexpectedly swing back to moods of exuberance and overflowing joy and an overabundance of strength like a revolutionary.

As a whole, this book has liberated my personality and hardened my perspective, so it was certainly worth it, but I would rather not relive that exact experience again. It felt way too unhinged.

The Devil Ranks As The Greatest Antihero Of All Time… His Signature Mission Would Be Revered Today If Under Another Name

If The Devil wrote a manifesto, a memoir, a deathbed confessional of his most honest thoughts—what would he say? How would he critique Western Civilization? What could he tell us about god? About ourselves?

For the last fifteen years I did nothing but study the classics of Western philosophy—everyone from monolithic geniuses like Aristotle and Immanuel Kant to inflammatory revolutionaries like Heraclitus and Friedrich Nietzsche.

I have identified a clear, unmistakable division or schism in the way these intellectual giants thought, a two thousand-year-old ontological war that could ultimately be classified as pluralism versus monism or perspectivism versus absolutism. Every philosopher tends to fall into either one of the two camps, which then affects their personal positions on topics like truth, goodness, and beauty—or deception, evil, and ugliness.

We can summarize this timeless dialectic in religious terms: The Devil versus God.

Now, in Biblical lore god always prevails, because the men who architected the religion rigged it in his advantage for political reasons. But whose ideas prevail when they undergo rational, sensible scrutiny according to contemporary values?

This Inflammatory Book Would Have Been Censored, Confiscated, And Burned Two Hundred Years Ago… Hell, They Would Still Censor It Today!

This book exists beyond good and evil.

It demolishes the sacred spaces of right-wingers and the safe spaces of left-wingers!

Too many great books have been prohibited and destroyed because they possessed dangerous ideas that threatened the institutions of society. Well, those outlawed ideas pale in comparison to what I placed in this book. Under protection of free speech law in the United States, I can safely share them.

However, do not mistake this for a traditional political manifesto, a tawdry laundry list of immediate demands for the Church and State. As I said, I have studied the rubrics, missives, and diaries of the most fiery revolutionaries, be they philosophical, religious or otherwise. I know each side of every main dialectical topic.

And it begs the question… where would The Devil stand and why?

In this book, The Devil tugs on the thread of humanity and unravels the sweater of religious thought. In other words, The Devil and his Rebel Army of Demons take the power back from god and liberate us to Ascend.

Or would it be Descend?

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Fatalistic, Misanthropic, And Rude… My Diabolical Style Will Creep Out Vanilla People

As explained, the psychology behind the philosophy matters, i.e., the person behind the ideas matters. Personally, I possess a very cutting and arrogant personality in real life. I unnerve people when they meet me. To this point, not only will the pessimistic, misanthropic, fatalistic, and rude attitude of this book mortify innocent, vanilla people—but the diabolical look and feel of the text itself will creep them out.

I breathe life into The Devil archetype. This book radiates like Uranium and might as well glow in the dark. If you read it openly in a cafe, it will turn heads and raise eyebrows.

If it affects you, let me know.




Table of Contents

The treatise contains 74 lucid aphorisms in 5 main parts.

I. THE DEVIL: An Autobiography

1. The Riddle of the Riddle
2. The Earliest Nomenclature for God
3. Origins of Diabolism & Satanism
4. Christianity’s Abuse of Greek Philosophy
5. Origin of Demonology
6. Deification & Diabolization
7. Moral Relativism
8. Classical Liberalism of The Enlightenment
9. The First Line of The Bill of Rights
10. Become a Living Devil

II. SUICIDE: The Origin of God & Genealogy of Evil in Religion

11. Reality & Ideality
12. Ideal of Pure Reason As Definition of God
13. Worst Transcendental Error
14. Earliest Natural Philosophy
15. Hypothesis of Super-Human Causality
16. Advent of Religion
17. Psychology of Polytheism
18. Psychology of Monotheism
19. Discovery of Morality
20. Advent of Sacrificial Worship
21. Inception of the Priest Class
22. Politicization of the Priest Class
23. Homicide by the Priest Class
24. Psychopathization of the Priest Class
25. Masochization of the Lay Class
26. Inception of Holy Wars
27. Birth of The Devil
28. Entire Psychology of Religion
29. Current Status of Religion
30. Warning Against Statism
31. Grounds of Secular Morality
32. Psychology of Secularism
33. Terms of a Social Contract
34. Best Future for Humanity
35. Afterword

III. APOCALYPSE: The Death of God

36. Parable of the Assassin
37. Earliest Assassins
38. Zombie Sadist
39. Ostracism, not Extermination
40. Naked Imperialism
41. Universal Force
42. Idealism as Religion of Absolutism
43. Truest Enemy of Antitheism
44. Statism as Politics of Force
45. Genetic Sadomasochism
46. Masochistic Psychology
47. Suicide Mission
48. Theogony
49. Immortal Combat
50. The World’s First Fan Fiction
51. Ontology: God as Zombie
52. Epistemology: God as Boogieman
53. Morality: God as Freddy Krueger
54. Aesthetics: God as Frankenstein’s Monster
55. The Apocalypse

IV. NIHILISM: Fallout in the Abyss

56. Claude Monet
57. Monsters of Fate
58. Cosmic Amorality
59. Predicament
60. Nietzsche Contra Kant
61. Thunderbolts of Fate
62. Hellraisers
63. Suicide & Cannibalism
64. Orgasms of Humanicide
65. Annihilism
66. Theistic Nihilism
67. Secular Nihilism
68. Fallout in the Abyss
69. Joyful Pessimism

V. THE ABYSS: The Last Liberation

70. Panegyric to Nietzsche
71. Panegyric to Heraclitus
72. Contrarian Dilemma
73. Illusion of Civilization
74. Socrates on the Last Liberation

Geeky Details For Book Worms

We all have become accustomed to seeing extremely gorgeous books in the field of magick. The creation of the book itself possesses magick. As a bona fide book worm myself, I geek out over exact details.

I care dearly about the design of this book, because I want it to look and feel devilish. Inspect the details below:

  • First edition
  • Black ink
  • 80g white paper
  • Smyth sewn
  • Hardback
  • Black headbands
  • Black ribbon bookmark
  • Black cloth cover
  • Silver foil stamp
  • Color matte dust jacket

If I do say so myself, it looks fucking dope!

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