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The Angel of the Abyss – Pact With Abaddon

  •   The Angel of the Abyss: Certified demonic pact by E.A. Koetting
  •   Full Breakdown: Receive a full breakdown of our experiences
  •   Video Proof: Watch film recording of our live rituals
  •   Magick Formula: Perform the ritual yourself too

The Angel of the Abyss - Solar Eclipse Pact

  • Full performance of The Angel of the Abyss ritual on the Total Solar Eclipse of July 2
  • Certified blood pact with Abaddon by the world's most powerful sorcerer
  • Filmed video proofs of Abaddonian eclipse ritual
  • Complete breakdown of experience in eBook
  • Magick formulae to perform by yourself

This ritual has closed.

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The Angel of the Abyss ritual

This ritual has closed.

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Peer Reviews

  • This grimoire presents a really interesting approach to Left-Hand Path magick in that it explores Abaddon through a diversity of individualistic gnosis. My work is Apollyon explores the hidden history, etymology, and mythology of Abaddon. I strongly recommend this compendium — not just because I contributed to it — but because it provides an excellent study on how to approach Abaddon in your own unique magickal way. Every author reveals how they have explored Abaddon and uniquely adapted his energies, his deific masks, to their own initiatory practices.

    Michael W. Ford, author of Apotheosis
  • Abaddon will be a powerful ally, if you know how to work with him. He unveils the secrets of darkness to us, guiding us to the perfect understanding of the diverse universes maps. Each working with abaddon has different characteristics, powers, secrets and information to open the paths to self-deification. Among his many functions, one is to be the Messenger of Destruction, and travel as an agent of chaos destroying worlds at different universes, so from there comes the name "Destroyer of Worlds." He is the one who guides the Initiated into the Mysteries of the Void. Abaddon is a God who has many masks. He's present in diverse cultures in different forms. Many people see him as the incarnation of the Devil, or as the opposer Satan himself.

    Edgar Kerval, author of Diabolicum Herbarium
  • The work I composed for the Compendium of Abaddon began almost a decade ago. It was the most visceral and pure experience of descending into the occult which transformed me into something beyond the confines of anything I thought was humanly possible. I had attempted to write of this many times and was never able to fully articulate these experiences until now. The work was not over and it was only until writing for this compendium that I was able to fully comprehend what had occurred and continues to manifest. Abaddon’s magick opened the gateway for the ultimate rebirth into spiritual strength through my own incorporeal death.

    Orlee Stewart, author of the Black Magician's Guide to the Ars Goetia
  • Abaddon has always interested me, so when the offer to collaborate on this project, I immediately jumped on it. Like most people, I was familiar with Abaddon through the Christian lens, but that was about it. Working on this book gave me the chance to do some further exploration.
    Being familiar with Thelema, I was also familiar with the concept of the Beast from that system, which added to my curiosity, and it was a true joy to intertwine the two into my essay included in here. Since I had very little experience with Abaddon (even though the interest was strong), I more or less went into this like a blank slate. Because of this, I found some connections that I have not seen people discuss before, and it is my joy to share them with you in my essay.

    Bill Duvendack, author of Qliphothic Astrology
  • I have always enjoyed Abaddon's presence and warrior-like energy since the beginning of my time working with him as one of the entities that I would conjure to hold the space in my temple. His warrior-like energy gave me confidence that my enemies could not and would not dare to try to interfere in my Magick and Rites. When E.A. Koetting asked me to participate in his Compendium during a podcast that we did together, I jumped at the opportunity enthusiastically. I had had a good amount of experience enjoying the powers of Hades in my life, who is another manifestation of the Destroyer God Abaddon. Hades being a Lord of the Dead gave me some solid gnosis and rites to contribute to the Compendium that I just had to share with the world!

    Enoch B. Petrucelly, author of the Black Witch
  • A book composed of several magickians' views of the same spirit is an awesome concept and I am excited to be a part of it. Abaddon has pushed me to better myself when I was complacent and protected me from horrors most magickians don't believe exist. It is my pleasure to present hardcore knowledge and a working ritual praxis that will lead other magickians towards a rewarding experience with this wonderful demonic god.

    V.K. Jehannum, author of Apollyon

E.A. Koetting Is Going To Perform A Certified Blood Pact With Abaddon & The Demonic Gatekeepers On The Total Solar Eclipse Of July 2... I Am Looking For 33 Magicians To Fulfill His Prophecy

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I am extending a one-time offer for an exclusive ritual evocation and demonic pact with Abaddon the Destroyer that I will perform on your behalf. Abaddon has referred to this as a working of "absolute annihilation" as it's an initiation into such deep, inner secrets of black magick that it jump starts a series of changes in you and in your life that can cause the most severe alterations in circumstances and in yourself — it will seem as if all of your blockages have been completely obliterated if you let it.

This rite will be performed on July 2nd under the omen of a Total Solar Eclipse, plunging the earth into blackness. You need to know that this ritual is not a shortcut to power, nor is it an easy path to ascent. But this pact-working is an oath to join forces with Abaddon and with the Gatekeepers to form a forsaken alliance and to earn your place alongside the ancient ones in power.

Some of the gifts that Abaddon offers as part of this demonic pact are:

  • Destruction of the old self and the magical rebirth into a new life of ascent
  • Control over baneful spiritual forces, protection from curses and negative energy
  • The complete destruction of obstacles in your path of ascent
  • Dramatically increased magickal power & force of will
  • Enhanced spiritual discipline and psychic abilities in ritual
  • Command over Abaddon's locust army of demonic assassinsAll that he asks in return is your commitment to the mastery of the dark arts, your faithfulness in ascent and your oath to use your power to help establish the Infernal Empire on earth. If you're ready to cross the Abyss, then join me in the shadows of Abaddon's gate.

Abaddon Teaches The Secrets Of Death Magick... He Teaches The Forbidden Arts Of Necromancy, Baneful Magick & Immortality... Here's What To Expect With The Angel Of The Abyss Rite On The Total Solar Eclipse

I have already dedicated weeks to arranging my ritual area and will return there on the day of this ritual. The Angel of the Abyss is Abaddon’s pact with you. Some of the most common experiences that magicians encountered with previous demonic pacts include:

  • Magick Mentorship - Become an Apprentice of Abaddon & the Demonic Gatekeepers to receive their priceless counsel, magick procedures, and experiences
  • Dreamwalking - Abaddon & the Demonic Gatekeepers forcibly manifest in your dreams, or use your dream state to summon you to their throne rooms to counsel your magick ascent.
  • Astral Journeys - Abaddon & the Demonic Gatekeepers help you to astral project, and take you on extensive tours of rare and obscure areas of The Infernal Empire.
  • Physical Possession - At your welcome, Abaddon & the Demonic Gatekeepers possess you psychically, corporally, and energetically. They can also possess others at your command!
  • Sexual & Glamor Powers - Abaddon & the Demonic Gatekeepers can teach you how to seduce others, how to cast powerful sexual attraction spells, and how to use sexual energy for spellcasting
  • Magnified Spellcasting - Abaddon & the Demonic Gatekeepers multiply the power of your spells and rites and increases results.
  • Domination - Abaddon & the Demonic Gatekeepers can clear your path of all obstacles, spiritual or mundane, and can destroy those who stand in your way
  • Spiritual Autonomy - Abaddon & the Demonic Gatekeepers teach you how to become a spiritually autonomous being, a law unto yourself!

What Abaddon & The Demonic Gatekeepers Expect Back

  1. The Black Hand - Become the Black Hand of Abaddon and help him to incarnate his magick on this earth plane through your moral support
  2. Abaddonian Gnosis - Watch the ritual video that I’ll send you after the ritual is complete, and follow the instructions that I will provide for your part of the ritual to call Abaddon & the Demonic Gatekeepers into your life.
  3. Become the Lord of Darkness - Study the Compendium of Abaddon, perform the meditations, rituals, and magickal practices to the best of your ability to undergo initiation into the Current of the Lord of Darkness.

As you keep your end of The Angel of Abyss, you can rest assured that Abaddon & the Demonic Gatekeepers will keep their promises to you!

Become The Black Hand Of Abaddon
To Incarnate The Lord Of Darkness

As a final word of warning: This ritual is not for people who are simply curious, and it is not for those who just want to see if it will work. This is a lasting and binding Initiation between you and possibly the most powerful Demonic Gatekeeper on earth.

Once I perform this pact ritual for you, Abaddon & the Demonic Gatekeepers will come to you, they will remain with you, and, in their own words: “You will become the Black Hand of Abaddon and incarnate the Lord of Darkness himself"

Book your The Angel of the Abyss right now.

Talk again soon,

Signature E.A. Koetting

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