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Tarot Readings – Advanced & Basic

  •   Advanced & Basic Readings: Live chat on Messenger, Skype & Zoom
  •   Confidentiality: We take your privacy very seriously
  •   Quality Guarantee: Consultant has 35 years of proven experience
  •   Limited Availability: Accept clients on matters of spiritual ascent only

In an Advanced Tarot Reading, you'll receive:

  • Magickal and spiritual help with your ascent
  • A highly accurate divination reading
  • Priceless counsel for romantic relationships, money opportunities, demonic ascent & more
  • Ask absolutely anything without judgement

Currently booked and unavailable.

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Live video or text chat on Messenger, Skype, and Zoom with limited availability according to schedule. Currently accepting clients on matters of spiritual ascent exclusively.

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Peer Reviews

  • I used to seek out many individuals to get readings before I met Maggie Moon. Maggie is always spot on with her readings. She provides different perspectives and always gives great advice. Maggie is extremely honest and tells you what is coming and how to prepare. I am extremely intuitive and I felt Maggie’s energy from the very first time we connected. She really takes the time to understand what you would like from the reading but will also share with you if she sees other things that you may not be focused on. She is extremely detailed and always accurate. I can’t tell you how much I trust Maggie and am so grateful for her. She’s so patient, kind, compassionate and truly an extraordinary witch! I truly believe the Ancients brought her to me so I can continue to learn and grow in my journey. Thank you to Maggie Moon for everything she has helped me accomplish.

    Yvette Z.
  • Maggie Moon is an insanely talented woman! Her readings will shock you to your core. She is so highly skilled in her practice, knowledge and skills that her readings for me were always 100% accurate. I didn’t believe in readings until I met Maggie who definitely changed my perspective for sure! Couldn’t recommend Maggie enough. In addition to this, she is the most warm and kind person, and will make you feel at ease with her energy.

    Sharlene D.
  • Maggie Moon has performed readings for me that connected on levels which took me by pleasant surprise. Maggie saw things in me others have not, and her advice on what to do from the readings has been beneficial to my spiritual and practical evolution. Maggie's readings are some of the most powerful and applicable I have had.

    D'Monic Boris Lee

How I Became A Professional Tarot Reader And FINALLY Quit My "Corporate Life"

Greetings Friend, I am The Left Hand Path Witch, Maggie Moon.

I'm living proof that one Tarot Reading can change your life forever. Allow me to explain...

I was a young, ambitious professional with a career in social work. I found myself in a privileged position on a military base that aspiring psychology students would have died for. Honestly, I was set for life.

I had everything… except happiness. Unbeknownst to my peers, I had become a Luciferian Witch in private. My secret love had always been tarot, magick, and spirituality — not board rooms and cubicles. I finally hit a wall, my heart would not allow me to live two separate lives any longer. One night, I realized that the tarot cards which inspired my magical journey held the answers to what I was searching for. And the rest is history as you can see.

Now let me ask you a couple questions, and please be honest with yourself...

  • Do you currently sit at a crossroads in your life?
  • Have you reached a dead-end in your career, or perhaps need helpful insights into a new business opportunity?
  • Has your love life become a source of sadness and misery instead of a source of happiness and joy?
  • Have you become lost as a person, and need to find your true self again?
  • Would you like to discover the mysterious forces that affect your life in this present incarnation?

Here's the truth...

I'm Going To Help You Change Your Life... Not Just "Read Your Tarot Cards"

These magical cards reveal more about your life as a whole than you probably believe right now. If you have never received a tarot reading, you probably do not believe me when I say they literally perform magick.

Truthfully, anyone can read your tarot cards. Anyone can grab a "Muggle's Guide to Tarot" right off Amazon.

The real question is: can the tarot reader interpret the cards in a way that helps YOU to clearly see the changes you need to make to experience a better future?

And this where I come in. I have been in your shoes. I will take time to empathize with you more than any other tarot reader out there because the magic of tarot helped to change my life in a desperate moment of need — just like it will for you.

It's Time To Experience Magical Results With The World's Most Accurate Divination

I have performed confidential tarot readings for thousands of truth-seekers from around the world. Since medieval times, everyone from kings and queens to normal everyday people have revered the power of tarot.

The tarot acts like a mirror to your soul. When you look into it, it shows your true self back to you. Dear friend, let me show your true self to you...

With a full-length 60-Minute Advanced Reading, we will unlock the true gnosis of divination in three key stages:

Stage 1: Candle Magick And Incense To Ground, Center, And Open

During the Advanced Reading, I will begin each session by lighting a magick candle and ritual incense. We will take a moment and clear the space energetically, as we ground, center, and open ourselves up energetically, enabling us to be fully open to receive the divine insights that will come forth.

Stage 2: Auric Examination

As I shuffle the cards, I will begin focusing on you and we will establish an energetic connection. As I am doing this, I will examine your aura and if I pick up on any information that is relevant, I will bring this to your awareness at this time.

Stage 3: Celtic Cross Tarot Reading & Pendulum Confirmation

For Advanced Readings, I will use the Celtic Cross Layout. I have enjoyed using the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread because of its complexity and flexibility for 35 years now. It provides a style of reading that can give the deepest insights into your question or topic of concern. The Celtic Cross Spread Reading will offer a look into the energetic influences and events that are still influencing you from the past, that are surrounding you presently, and that will influence your future. I will immerse myself fully in the energy and symbolism of the reading as I am interpreting the messages emanating forth from the cards. This will enable me to provide you with an awareness of the hidden circumstances in your life and provide you with in-depth practical steps to navigate and enhance these for your greatest benefit.

If there is an area that needs clarification, I will incorporate the pendulum to narrow down with detail the messages coming forth for your reading. At the end if any time remains, you can ask some yes or no questions, and I will shuffle the deck, focusing on your question, lay out five cards, and we will receive the answers and deep insights to your most pressing questions.

Receive A Life-Changing Tarot Reading By A Veteran Witch With 35 Years Of Experience

1. Would You Prefer An Advanced Or Basic Reading?

As clarified above, I begin my 60-minute Advanced Readings with Stage One by lighting candles, incense, and helping us ground, center, and open our psyches to receive shared gnosis. In Stage Two, I will examine your aura in real time to find areas of concern related to energy emanating from you. Finally, in Stage Three, I will lay out the Celtic Cross Spread and perform the magical tarot reading, taking considerable time interpreting the cards and their placement within the spread. This enables me to draw in-depth meaningful connections into hidden circumstances of your life, and advice for moving forward. If necessary, I will also perform a pendulum reading to verify gnosis and clarify any remaining comments or concerns from you.

A 30-minute Basic Reading is an excellent option if you need guidance for a particular situation. I will use a five card spread where the cards are laid out in a horizontal line. This layout will reveal surrounding influences that apply to the situation from the past, present, revealing any challenges, and the influences surrounding the future outcome.This enables me to fine tune into the energy behind each stage of the situation in its progression, allowing me to narrow in on potential practical steps to assist you. From there, you can move forward armed with the knowledge of the hidden insights that were revealed concerning the situation.

2. Would You Like To Video Chat On Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, or Skype?

I always love an in-person Tarot Reading because it allows me to know a person face to face. Therefore, I strongly prefer that we video chat on either Facebook Messenger, Skype, or Zoom. Of course, if you would like to use the telephone or text message features on these apps instead, we can do that too. When you book your reservation on my calendar, it will allow you to provide a Facebook profile link or username. I will use that to contact you at our agreed time.

3. Let's Stay In Touch To GUARANTEE Your Long-Term Ascent

I consider our time together more than just a reading, I view it as life coaching like a bonding experience between kindred souls. Once you see the tarot magic cause results in your life, you'll know exactly what I mean.

If you would like a long term tarot relationship, then book an Advanced Tarot Reading right now. This will reveal your hidden life circumstances to me and help you find your path as soon as possible. Then, book a Basic Tarot Reading once per month, which allows us to carefully measure your journey as it evolves over time.

In my opinion, this GUARANTEES the ultimate tarot experience.

Book Your Tarot Session Right Now And Receive:

  Advanced Tarot Readings A full hour private session together
  Basic Tarot Readings A half hour private session together
  Messenger, Skype & Zoom Available in video, audio & text chat
  Confidentiality Guarantee I take your privacy very seriously

I welcome you to reserve your time with me as soon as you can, because my calendar has become pretty full. Please know that I currently accept clients on matters of spiritual ascent exclusively.

Let me ask you one last question...

Years ago, I would lay in bed and worry that I had wasted my life on a path that did not reflect my true self. I worried that I would never experience true joy in this lifetime. So I performed an honest tarot reading and it completely revolutionized my life.

When will YOU find your true self? Let me help...

Darkest Blessings,


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