Propel Your Magick Ascent Into Haitian Vodoun With Papa Legba’s Crossroads Ritual… Your Secret Key To Open The Voodoo Gateway

  • HandshakePapa Legba’s Crossroads Ritual: Personalized ritual for hire
  • icon-bookThe Spider & The Green Butterfly: Updated grimoire in 2nd Edition
  • icon-videoVodoun Magick Mastery: Video program of initiation rites & spells
  • pen-feather-black-diagonal-shape-of-a-bird-wingAuthor: E.A. Koetting
  • artistic-brushArtists: Asenath Mason & Adrián Fuentes
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With Papa Legba’s Crossroads Ritual, you will:

  • Receive a personalized introduction to Papa Legba
  • Open the Gateway to the Spirit Crossroads
  • Get accepted into the Magick Current
  • Propel your Ascent with Vodoun Magick
  • Get personalized advice, insights & transmission

This ritual is no longer available.

Papa Legba's Crossroads Ritual

Peer Reviews

  • Adrián Fuentes

    It has been quite a wild journey to illustrate the Loa for this Vodoun grimoire. To my peril, I ignored warnings that artwork opens a gateway to the Loa’s Current. Beyond my immediate astonishment, I found true meaning underlying the imagery and formed an intimate union with these spirits. As they say, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

    Adrián FuentesFounder of re-robot
  • Asenath Mason

    The Spider & The Green Butterfly is a truly fascinating book, both visually and in its content, forming a powerful expression of gnosis that for a long time has been available only to few and is now given to anyone with a sincere desire to learn from the Loa themselves. It will serve as a guide both to a beginner and a more experienced practitioner, overthrowing taboos and challenging the reader to delve into the darkest mysteries of this forbidden path of initiation. I’m honored to be a part of this amazing book with my artwork, and I’m sure that many will profit from the simple but powerful methods and techniques included in this unique grimoire.

    Asenath MasonAuthor
  • Kurtis Joseph

    The information within The Spider & the Green Butterfly presents the working processes of Voudon sorcery without the religious walls that prevent access to the power. This is the main reason for the current controversy regarding this work. Voudon has been veiled with lies which have been fed by the media to prevent anyone from harnessing the efficiency of this current. Now the information is being released by one of the world’s most powerful sorcerers to date, and the power will indeed be usurped by all who would dare open this book to apply the principles presented within it.

    Kurtis JosephAuthor

The Truth About The Crossroads Ritual

Legba is one of the most important Loa in Haitian Voodoo. He is the first Loa that is called upon in a service so that he can Open the Gates to the Spirit World, enabling communication with other Loa. No other Loa dares show itself without having first received Legba’s permission. He controls the Gateway between the worlds—the crossing over from one world to the other. He holds the keys of the Spiritual World.

When I first entered the Vodoun Current, an Houngan counseled me to trek into the desert in order to “Find Legba” all by myself—in other words, bypass the religious initiation tradition and head straight to the Keyholder for access to the Crossroads all on my own. Over the last eight years of steady possession, Legba and I have forged a truly special union together. He revealed an extremely intense protocol that he called the Crossroads Ritual and is now known as Papa Legba’s Crossroads Ritual. In the ceremony itself, I call forth all the major Loa—the heads of the families—and orchestrate a magick binding to the Spirit World for you.

I may be the first sorcerer to bring this rite into the Physical Plane.

At this present moment, the Loa aspire to turn over the manmade religious tradition that has enslaved and limited their freedom to touch the soul of humanity. Quite simply: they want to help more people.

Legba has authorized me to perform the Crossroads Ritual in order to unite Magicians with Him in advance, so that when they enter the Current on their own, He already will have created a Pathworking for them.

Warning: this means do not sign up unless you really aspire to unite with Legba and the main Loa.

How We Perform This Ritual Together

1. You sign up.

Place your order right now or as soon as possible, because the window closes on January 11th.

2. I contact you & perform ritual.

Once you have placed your order, I personally contact you by email in 48 hours to ascertain a few necessary details like your full name, a recent photograph, and more. Then I am going to perform this ritual with the sunset on the full moon of January 12th.

3. You watch video.

I undertake the extremely intense Papa Legba’s Crossroads Ritual under the full moon. I will announce your name, invoke your astral presence before Legba and heads of the Loa families, and channel their exquisite insights and transmission live on video.

On January 17th, you will receive a feature-length video of the full ritual for you to watch, study, and recreate on your own if you wish.

Legba Wants You To Unite With Him

Consider this: out of everybody on planet Earth, you personally found this rare page which has told you that Legba would like you to meet with him.

I will say it again: Legba wants you to unite with him.

This is no coincidence! Out of everybody on earth, you personally found this rare page that has passed on this message to you. I act only as a messenger who strongly urges you to take this invitation to heart. Legba called on me and I answered, and now he calls on you…

Perhaps you feel cautious or concerned about his power… I would not subject myself to this long exhausting ritual if it was not tremendously helpful to everyone involved, most especially me!

Sign Up Right Now To Save $500

An exclusive personalized ritual with Legba would normally be priced at the midrange of $1,299. As you may know, I always gift my friends a cool discount in honor of a book release. To carry on with this generous tradition, I will lower my rate to only $799 so you save as much as $500 right now.

I have given you this important message and provided you the friendliest and most affordable means to participate. Join me at the Gate so we can enter the Crossroads together…

Signature E.A. Koetting

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