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Own A Priceless Piece Of Occult History... And Learn The Most Advanced Rituals Of Black Magick

For the first time ever, you can now enjoy all the critically-acclaimed grimoires by the master sorcerer, E.A. Koetting, in the world's most powerful books of the Left Hand Path...

Dear Friend,

Have you always wanted to read my books, but could never afford them?

Did you miss out on the chance to get my Complete Works tome?

Have you considered pirating my written works, but were turned off by the crappy, photocopied bootlegs?

What if you could get ALL 7 OF MY CULT CLASSICS in one official eBook collection, at a ridiculously low price?

As you probably know, my physical books have been out of print for years, and always will be.

I will never physically publish them ever again. (And I've turned down several offers from publishers to do so)

This scarcity has caused the prices of my books to skyrocket, and they are going to continue increasing.

Here's a snapshot from an auction sale on eBay:

After receiving DAILY requests from my readers to give them an affordable way to study my occult literature, I've made an important decision that's going to make you very happy....

I'm About To Do Something I SWORE I'd Never Do...

You can now get instant access to my entire collection of written works, or even pick and choose your favorite books.

And the BEST PART is that it's all available for immediate download in eBook format.

Check it out below...

Devour All 1,343 Pages Of 7 Full Grimoires, Featuring The Most Hardcore Rituals And Occult Secrets Of The Left Hand Path

Here is everything you are going to learn in my Complete Works eBook Collection:

1. Kingdoms of Flame: A Grimoire of Evocation and Sorcery
A completely secret grimoire of demons, that I myself brought to the surface - revelead to me through a series of deep, dark rituals - arcane spirits that you can call upon to perform any act and fulfill any desire you can imagine.

2. Works of Darkness: A Guide to Advanced Black Magick
Rituals of the purest sorcery that enable you to self-initiate into the Left Hand Path, evoke your very first demon, and perform dark scrying with your own magick eyes.

3. Baneful Magick
All the curses and hexes you need to cause illness and destruction inside any enemy's life - and a thorough top-to-bottom education on evil magick - I actually show you how to kill someone with black magick.

4. Evoking Eternity: Forbidden Rites of Evocation
My crash course in succeeding with evocation - learn the absolute necessities for mastering this fine art with both angels and demons - everything from solo and group evocation, to summoning MULTIPLE entities at the same time.

5. Questing After Visions: Making Conscious Contact
My personal story and journey from corporeal blindness to spiritual vision - including lists of exercises for enlivening your own magick perception.

6. Ipsissimus
Another look into my own personal tale and experiences as I apprenticed under a master guru of the spiritual art of astral projection, soul travel, and extra-sensory perception.

7. The Book of Azazel: Grimoire of the Damned
The titan of titans, the most important grimoire of our time - a headfirst dive into the study of pact-making and demonic dedication - learn all about my lifechanging transformation through my blood-pact with the godlike demon Azazel.

Note that to respect a vow of secrecy, I'm unable to include The Spider and the Green Butterfly, as well as the Flames of the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalus.

Save Thousands Of Dollars And Get My Entire Library Of Written Works In One eBook Collection

The fact is, my physical books are selling for $1,000+ on auctions like Ebay, and $300+ on bookstores like Amazon (last time I checked).

If you've ever wanted to study my "cult classic" demonic grimoires, but were never able to afford them, then this low-cost opportunity is FOR YOU.

And remember, you DON'T need any special credentials, initiations, or particular background in the world of the occult to succeed with the magick I'll show you.

The bottom line is that you were BORN magickal. You already satisfy all the prerequisites necessary to Become A Living God.

I can't possibly make this gift any sweeter for you. You are now able to enjoy all my critically-acclaimed occult masterpieces RIGHT NOW at the lowest prices you'll ever find, directly from me, the author.

With my Official eBook Collection, you'll get:

  PDF eBook Format Read on any computer, mobile, or tablet
  The Best Value Get all 7 grimoires for only half the price
  Instant Online Delivery Receive immediate access to the eBooks in your email
  Diehard Black Magick Rituals of the most dangerously powerful magick

If you've been searching for a way to obtain my physical books, but could never find a way to afford the ridiculously high prices, then I've created this incredible opportunity FOR YOU, so act now!

Godlike Power,

Mastering Evocation by E.A. Koetting

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Most Helpful Magician Reviews

Smash The Shackles Of Slavery, And Finally Experience Freedom

By Sorcerer Satanus | Verified Purchase

I first read Works of Darkness when I was studying philosophy in college, and it became my personal "Bible" of black magick. I was a member of a local Satanic order, but grew repulsed by their obsession with religious dogma, rather than practical skills. Your masterpiece was exuberantly refreshing, to say the least. The rituals inside the grimoire truly awakened the Serpent of Fire in my heart and mind, and for that I'm forever grateful. Now after reading your entire Complete Works, I've finally learned to smash the shackles of slavery, as you call it, and truly experience freedom for the first time in my life. Your books have done more than show me how to perform powerful rites of the Left Hand Path, they are brilliant philosophical manifestos. They are the soul of the age.

From Devout Catholic To Committed Black Magician Thanks To You

By Duncan Lang | Verified Purchase

Honestly, the idea of performing sorcery terrified me. I was raised a strict Catholic and was taught that only evil sinners performed black magick, and they were destined for hell. Beyond that, I was a skeptic. If I was in fact able to "manipulate" the universe for my own personal evolutionary gain, wouldn't I suffer the punishment of karma? As you can tell, childish concerns worried me. I stumbled upon your book, Evoking Eternity, at the house of a pastor, believe it or not, who was studying your guide to evocation for the purposes of angelic prophecy. He recommended I read it, to understand the mindset of the "enemy" as he rationalized it. Too bad for him, your incredible grimoire had the opposite effect, and little by little, it fully converted me away from Christianity, to where I'm now a dyed in the wool black magician. It took me approximately six evocations with Archangel Michael, before I saw or heard any spiritual activity. The more I summoned him to help me, the clearer and more powerful the rituals became, to the point where I was entered in full length conversations with the Spirit World for hours at a time.

I Learned How To Awaken My Dark Sight, Evoke Spirits, And Rise On The Planes

By Missy Cox | Verified Purchase

Your Complete Works inspired me to Become A Living Goddess. It was with Works of Darkness that I opened my scrying eyes; Evoking Eternity where I summoned spirits; and Ipsissimus where I initially gained access to the Astral Gateways. I have a tantalizing distance yet to travel, but I am delighted to testify that without your intimate personal guidance, there's no way I could've unlocked the Door to Eternity. I cherish your books, and they occupy prime real estate in my library of sinister occult works. Thank you from the bottom of my dark dying heart.

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