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Receive A Personal Message Of Gnosis From The Queen Of Death Hecate-Nekyia On April 20th Through A Certified Initiation With A Group Ritual By Asenath Mason & Zeraphina Angelus…

  •   The Hecate Initiation Ritual: Certified pact with the Queen of Death
  •   New Moon: Performance midnight on the New Moon of April 20
  •   Ritualists: Asenath Mason & Zeraphina Angelus
  •   Ritual Orientation: Receive a Ritual Orientation eBook
  •   Video Proof: Watch live recordings of the performances
  •   Photographic Proof: See photographs of the live ritual and altar
  •   Full Breakdown: Receive a full breakdown of experiences

With The Hecate-Nekyia Initiation Ritual, you'll submit your private question for Hecate to us.

We will travel to the Underworld with Hecate as a psychopomp, and receive personal gnosis for you from the Queen and her denizens.

You'll receive a Ritual Orientation Guide with our email addresses. If you’d like us to ask a specific question on your behalf, you can submit an email to us. Hecate is most helpful in questions on your magic path, directions in life, and spiritual growth.

If you do not submit a question, you can ask Hecate yourself while meditating on her sigil in the Guide.

We perform the ritual at midnight on the New Moon of April 20, and will contact you with records of the initiation by email within a few days.

This ritual has closed.

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The Hecate-Nekyia Initiation Ritual features a certified initiation pact with the Queen of Death by Asenath Mason and Zeraphina Angelus on the New Moon of April 20.

This ritual has closed.

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Dear Friend,

The all-new grimoire, Goddesses of Necromancy, features nine carefully chosen Goddesses from various powerful world mythologies by two leading Left Hand Path magicians and coauthors, Asenath Mason and Zeraphina Angelus. Every one of the presented Goddesses possesses a close magical connection to the Death Current and the Underworld, and each represents a different primary aspect of the universal Death Principle across humanity.

We welcome you to participate in the Descent to the Underworld with Hecate group ritual with us, Asenath and Zeraphina. We have been preparing this Dark Ritual for months and we are finally ready to assist you in receiving a personal message from the Lady of the Underworld!

The Magical Powers & Necromantic History Of Hecate-Nekyia

Hecate is included in our Goddesses of Necromancy grimoire in her aspect of Hecate-Nekyia. “Nekyia” or “nekya” in ancient Greece was a rite in which spirits of the dead were summoned and questioned about the future. It was a necromantic practice, and possibly the source of Hecate’s epithet “Nekyia,” which is connected with her role of a goddess of necromancy and the ruler over the restless dead. Hecate has authority over the realms of the living and the dead and passes between them without restrictions. For this reason, she can carry a message from you to the dwellers of the Underworld and she can deliver a message from the discarnate souls to you. This is also what we will focus on in our ritual.

Submit Your Private Question For Hecate To Us

The purpose of this rite is to travel to the Underworld with Hecate as a guide (psychopomp) and receive a personal message for you. This message will come from the denizens of the nether regions or from the goddess herself. When you book the ritual, you will receive an exclusive Ritual Orientation Guide that contains our private email addresses. Prior to the ritual, if you’d like us to ask a specific question on your behalf, you can submit an email to us. You can ask anything, but the Lady of the Underworld is usually the most helpful in questions regarding your magic path, directions in life and magic, or advice concerning your spiritual growth.

If you prefer not to disclose your question to us, simply ask it to the Goddess herself while meditating on her sigil, included in the Ritual Orientation Guide. The answer will come to you in the form of insights, intuitive messages, or perhaps someone will deliver it to you in an unexpected way. If you send us your question, however, we will carry it to the Underworld and come back with the answer. Otherwise, we’ll simply ask for a message for you regarding your magical ascent.

Experience The Hecate Ritual At Midnight On The New Moon April 20

We will perform this Hecate Ritual on the day of the New Moon at midnight, April 20th, which is the liminal time and the best moment to contact Hecate. The New Moon is a phase between the other moon phases, and midnight is the time between one day and another. Hecate, who is a liminal goddess, belongs to neither, just like she doesn’t belong to any of the realms — neither the world of the living nor the land of the dead. She walks freely between planes and dimensions, unbound and unlimited in her power. We will work with this aspect of the Goddess.

  • Asenath Mason will take private photographs of her complete ritual, along with helpful records documenting the ritual set-up and anything else that may seem relevant to you and related to the purpose of the rite.
  • Zeraphina Angelus will shoot a live video recording of her full, uncensored ritual performance.

As soon as the ritual is complete, we will prepare the materials and write down the key message for you, and we will send it all to you within a few days. We will also help you interpret the message if it seems unclear at the first glance. The Dark Goddess rarely speaks in a straightforward way — her messages are full of symbols and allegories, and their true meaning is revealed at a later time, through meditation and personal insights.

Hecate-Nekyia, guardian of the grave,
Open for me the gates of the night
And lead me to the land of no return.
Goddess of the Crossroads,
Nocturnal one of the underworld,
Light my way with your flaming torches,
And show me how to navigate through the labyrinths of the Other Side.

Feel free to do it before the ritual, on the day of the rite itself, or after the ritual is complete – this doesn’t matter, as long as you do it, this way letting the energy of the goddess into your life. Light a black or silver candle while doing so, as the flame is a gateway to the Other Side in itself.

Through this ritual we will open the gates to the underworld for you, establishing a subtle connection with the goddess. As soon as you accept and embrace it on your end, this connection will begin to transform your life and guide you on your magical path for as long as it is needed.

Darkest Blessings,

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