“SLUT WATER” — Harness The Erotic Magick Of The Goddess Astarte To Flood Your Love Life With Sexual Power And Irresistible Attraction… Unleash Your “Inner Slut” With Nectar Of The Goddess

  •   Astarte’s Slut Water: Elixir to unleash your “inner slut”
  •   Unleash Your Inner Slut Rite: Custom ritual performance & photographs
  •   Personal Consultation: 30-minute live chat with Barbie Garrett
  •   Consecration Course: Online access to film of consecration ritual
  •   eBook Grimoire: 23-page guide to incantations & sigil for activation
  •   Author: Barbie Garrett
  •   Global Shipping: Receiving in two weeks or less
  •   Safety Warning: Contains all natural ingredients. Safe for limited topical use. Do not swallow or consume.

With Astarte’s Slut Water, you will…

  • Consecrate your altar and talismans to harness the erotic forces of Astarte
  • Use it as a manifestation base to evoke the gods of love and cast high-powered love spells
  • Wear it to exude self-confidence and radiate magnetic sexual attraction
  • Infuse your makeup to heighten beauty, increase self-love, and cause glamor
  • Magnify the power of your ritual sex magick
  • Cast a protective circle against toxic people
  • Release yourself from the ball and chain of self-hate, anxiety, and guilt

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Peer Reviews

  • This is helping me to heal from a break up and broken heart in times when I need to love myself more and to heal my soul. It brought up a purging of emotional sadness and release, but then I felt so much more at peace afterwards. I will be using it more during the healing process.

    Jennifer Vatza, from Belladonna Botanicals
  • I full-heartedly give the slut water 666 stars! The first day I put it on my skin and in my candle while giving myself self-love and praise, I immediately felt in tune with myself and more self-love then I have felt in some months. I felt the attraction between hubby and I grow daily since too! I also felt the desire to educate myself about my traumas and felt pieces of me healing with each thing I learned about each trauma. Thank you Barbie I already adored you but now even more. I will eternally be needing to stock up.

    Princess Dollie, solitary witch
  • The Slut Water is ready to bring out the freak within with charged energy, power, and infernal fire. We are here to embrace our sexuality not to be confined due to past beliefs, trauma, and lack of self-worth or self-confidence. Slut Water unleashed the beast within me and my sexuality feels renewed.

    Ginger Jaguar, solitary witch
  • I tried Slut Water, and honestly it blew my mind. I performed an intense ritual related to my mother and father. I could feel past energy pull off me, away from me, and it changed and transmuted me for my highest good. Not only that, when people throw their jealousy and hate at me, its literally wiped off and transforms into a better energy. I definitely need a few more bottles to make a Slut Jar.

    Serene Healings, solitary witch
  • When I first heard about Slut Water I knew I needed this for trauma healing. Honestly, it called to me. I used the advice and instructions that were sent with it, along with my own ritual in which I was intuitively guided to invoke Medusa. And this seems to be right up her alley, it was almost as if she was waiting to assist me with this. Through channeling I was told to take a dab of the Slut Water and place it on each of my energy centers (chakras). Immediately I could feel a rush through each energy center. I never realized how each chakra gets so clogged from these traumas but the potency of this water broke what I now realize as obstructed energy centers. Now I can truly breakthrough with my healing. I’m excited to keep working with this phenomenal tool to help me reclaim the things that were taken from me. There are so many possibilities and ways to use Slut Water. It’s most definitely something I’m going to keep on hand.

    Bonnie Woodruff, solitary witch
  • Just received 2 days ago and I have been activating it each morning and adding it to my bath. My interest is in being the most beautiful version of myself. I will update. Barbie was most helpful and included a free vial of war water. Update: I am garnering lots of attention and even some snark from other women at work and spouses of coworkers. To be fair, I am working on myself via diet, exercise and magick but I just started getting the backhanded compliments from insecure females. So, I guess it’s working!

    Jennifer W., solitary witch

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you honestly…

A serious question for woman magicians:

Has anyone ever called you a “slut” or “whore?” And when they called you a slut, did it insult and shame you?

A serious question for male magicians:

Has anyone ever called you a “slut” or “man whore?” And when they called you that, did it compliment and validate you?

Annihilating An Ancient Double Standard Of Sexual Power In Modern Society

Let me reveal an ancient double standard that still exists in modern society. For men, terms like slut and whore validate their powerful sexual libido, essentially calling them a stud. Whereas for women, terms like slut and whore shame their powerful sexual libido, essentially calling them trashy.

Why has society extolled men’s sexual power, but suppressed women’s sexual power?

Quite simply, toxic religions like Christianity, Islam, and more have criminalized and regulated women’s sexuality for millennia in order to disempower and rule them for social engineering and population control.

You and I will rebel against that tyranny right now, as I introduce you to Astarte’s new elixir to help men and women awaken their inner “sex god.”

Unleashing Your “Inner Slut” — To Fully Awaken Your Magick Power, You Need To Fully Awaken Your Sexual Power First

In general, regardless of your gender, to fully awaken your magick power, you need to fully awaken your sexual power first. Today, YOU reclaim the magick power of your fertility, virility, and libido. Today, you redefine the meaning of terms like “slut” and “whore.”

Have you ever encountered a sexually confident man or woman in public, and felt jealous of their irresistible beauty and attraction? These men and women have unleashed their “inner slut.” It’s not about sexual promiscuity per se — these “rock stars” and “sluts” emanate sexual confidence and happiness, even when “haters” act jealous and try to insult them. These “rock stars” have become the greatest version of themselves — they have become gods and goddesses in their love lives.

Awakening Your “Inner Slut” Means Bulletproof Self-Confidence And Magnetic Sexual Attraction — Not Just “Getting Laid”

Here’s the secret psychology behind this sexual alchemy.

Awakening your “inner slut” means more than getting laid, although it helps with that. Psychologically, it means that you have forgiven your past self-hatred, annihilated irrational anxiety, resolved old traumas, and coped with depression within the context of your love life and sex life. Therefore, awakening your “inner slut” transforms your alchemically. It gives you bulletproof self-confidence, magnetic sexual attraction, and the heightened libido of a god or goddess — because no self-hatred stands in your way.

Everyone suffers social trauma to a varying extent. The question is: will you let it help you to become a better person, or will you let it ruin your life?

How I Discovered Astarte’s “Slut Water” — A Magick Elixir To Harness Her Erotic Magick And Unleash The Inner Slut Of Both Men And Women

To be brutally honest, I discovered a magick elixir called “slut water,” when my self-confidence had hit rock bottom, causing my love life to suffer horribly.

To summarize a long journey of self-discovery, I found myself in an extremely toxic relationship with a dangerous man who had violently sexually assaulted me for years. I suffered “Stockholm syndrome” and allowed him to destroy my mental health for over a decade. I left him, and as years passed, I found myself almost 100 pounds overweight, suffering postpartum depression from my children, cleaning rental cabins to scrape through life as a single mother.

As a broken woman, I had “let myself go” physically. I truly hated myself, felt ugly, and believed no man could ever love me again. The uglier I felt, the more I believed no one could love me, descending into a horrible self-fulfilling death spiral.

In My Time Of Worst Desperation, The Goddess Astarte Saved Me…

My entire life turned around when I fell in love with my husband today, the popular ritualist J.S. Garrett, who introduced me to the life-changing love magick of the goddess Astarte. He helped me to “unleash my inner slut,” performing his Rite of Deification and Reverse Baptism rituals with me privately. As months passed, my self-love increased and self-hatred decreased, dramatically. The ball and chain of old traumas, indoctrinated sexual guilt, and ugly feelings finally disappeared. I lost weight, dressed in hot new clothes and makeup, rediscovered my beauty, revived my libido, and felt reborn.

In ritual, it felt like a ball and chain released from my ankle.  WTF was wrong with the old me?  Why did I care what anyone thought of me?  I am a beautiful being who deserves to be treated as such, and fuck anyone who disagrees.
—The Magick Diary of Barbie Garrett

I became a true goddess for the first time in my life. I no longer cared when jealous “haters” would roll their eyes, or try to insult me, because I reclaimed the full power of my “inner slut.”

Astarte’s Nine-Day Ritual To Formulate Her “Goddess Water” A.K.A. “Slut Water”

Early one morning, the goddess Astarte called me to summon her. I entered her ritual with no instructions and carefully followed her guidance through my intuition. Astarte initiated me with a life-changing, nine-day pathworking through both moon and body cycles, revealing a talismanic elixir to harness her erotic forces directly.

Over these nine days, Astarte helped me to formulate an elixir of “goddess water” or “slut water” — the term “slut” referring to a fully empowered sexual magician or witch who has reclaimed their libido, abolished shame, and awakened their inner god or goddess.

And now, I share this same precious elixir with you…

8 Tested & Proven Ways That Astarte’s Slut Water Has Increased My Results With Love & Sex Magick

I have performed elaborate magick with the Goddess Water in every area of my life to verify that it fuels your libido and reawakens your inner god or goddess. You can find 8 simple uses of Slut Water to empower your invocations, evocations, and spellcasting.

  1. Splash your Slut Water on an altar, anoint your candles, and consecrate your talismans to harness the erotic forces of Astarte
  2. Use it as a manifestation base in ritual to evoke the gods of love and cast high-powered love spells to ignite new love
  3. Wear your Slut Water as a perfume or cologne to channel Astarte’s energy, exude self-confidence, and radiate magnetic sexual attraction in normal life
  4. Infuse your Slut Water into your makeup to raise your beauty, increase your self-love, and perform glamor magick
  5. Adorn your artwork with it to heighten the excitement and admiration of your patrons or viewers
  6. Spray or spritz your Slut Water on your bed, furniture, walls, car, and private space to flood your room with Astarte’s erotic energy, magnify your sexual experience, and heighten orgasms
  7. Cast a protective circle with Slut Water to defend your space from toxic social energy and remain guilt-free
  8. Enhance any ritual, spell, and talisman with Astarte’s Slut Water by harnessing the erotic forces of the goddess

Safety Warning: Please do not consume the elixir.

“Nectar Of The Goddess” – The Secret Sauce Behind How I Formulated The Erotic Elixir

When I say that I channeled Astarte, I mean it. I underwent a form of possession and asked her to animate my body to walk through the necessary motions to brew her most powerful love potion.

Firstly, Astarte “forced me” to set up an altar in my bathtub, filled it with well water, and climbed in. Through me, she arranged large mason jars, a 1×1 foot mirror, bloodletting tools, red paint, red ribbon, herbs, flowers from my yard, essential oils, oils that were previously brewed, and numerous animal implements.

Secondly, Astarte animated my hands to engrave her sigil on the mirror and she occupied the mirror, thus sending her energy back and forth between her mirror and my body in an infinitely accelerating cycle.

Thirdly, she added the herbs to the water: lavender, rose, and honeysuckle, to name only a few. Then, she added oils: lavender, rose, love oils, and domination and control oils. As she did this, she consecrated every herb and oil to express their full magick force.

Her water elixir now features magick properties for the mind, body and soul. It increases spiritual vibration, thus helping the magician to dissolve old traumas. It fuels the elixir with an energy of attraction and irresistibility to summon self-confidence, ignite the Kundalini Chakra, and helps the magician to dominate their own reality.

Fourthly, she topped it off with “Nectar of the Goddess” to transmute hateful, jealous, and guilty energy into ascendant, loving, and free-spirited energy.

Finally, Astarte engraved her jars using my blood and red paint to mark them with her essence, then bound her elixir bottle in a red ribbon.

“Lunar Witchcraft” — How I Brewed The Love Potion Under A Nightside Consecration

Through me, Astarte placed the batch of jars upon her altar, surrounded in mirrors marked with my blood. The jars sat in place, brewing for nine days through a full Moon phase, while Astarte imprinted her essence upon the elixir, saturating it fully.

As the closest celestial body, the Moon rules the liquid tides of the Earth, and helps to regulate life itself, including humans. Lunar forces govern the Earth’s capacity to grow and sustain life. In lunar witchcraft, a moon cycles correlates to a menstrual cycle, and thus the moon embodies the Divine Feminine, who affects our sexual power

When this lunar consecration closed, I performed one last sacrificial rite to thank matron goddess, Astarte, and she released me from her possession.

A Do-It-Yourself Primer On The Witchcraft Behind My Three Favorite Herbs

  1. Lavender has become known for its power to purify, as it wards off toxic energies, bad moods, and tragedy. It instills peace and love, and provides protection and serenity. It can also heal.
  2. Rose evokes a sense of wonder, mystery, and magick. Rose not only facilitates love, it even wards off evil, thus giving protection, happiness, luck, and truth.  It relieves stress from depression and anxiety.
  3. Honeysuckle acts as a “sweetener” to the brew. It sweetens your energy field, opening new doors in every area of your life, e.g., love, money, health, etc.  Honeysuckle enhances love and attraction, and classifies as a Venus herb. Lastly, it helps to embody your divine power. It acts as a “bonding agent” to other herbs mixed in a brew. In herbal remedies, honeysuckle counteracts poison, helping your body to release the poisons of society.

BONUS: Let Me Perform The “Unleash Your Inner Slut” Ritual For You With The Goddess Astarte, Queen Medusa, King Belial, And Nightside Goddess Lilith — And Receive A FREE 30-Minute Personal Consultation

When you place your order for the Unleashing Your Inner Slut ritual along with Astarte’s Slut Water, firstly you will receive a 30-minute private consultation with me on video chat or telephone. This will GUARANTEE that I know your exact life circumstances and emotional needs.

In the ritual, I will pour out a pool of Slut Water, blessing and infusing it with the Goddess herself. Then, I call upon the energies of Astarte, Medusa, Belial, Lilith, and rare animal and plant energies as part of a Dark Shamanism. I will add Lavender, Rose, Honeysuckle, Attraction and Seduction oils, Domination and Control oils, War Water, and many other implements to consecrate and fuel the water fully.

Astarte will possess my flesh. As the Goddess, I will connect energetically through her sigil to you personally. Her sigil acts as an advanced portal technology. She gifted this to humanity, prior to rising to the heavens, thus becoming a Goddess, when Shemyaza sacrificed to her in the first Rite of Deification.

She gifted this technology to allow magicians to transfer energy. Through me as her vessel, she will paint the sigil in her blood, transmuting the blood essence, while she raises her Kundalini with the ambition to implant a “soul bomb” within your energetic core. This force “explodes” and unleashes your Inner Slut, thereby becoming the freest, most perfect version of yourself. This helps you take control over your own reality, and to break any chains that enslave or imprison you, including those that you have placed upon yourself. This liberates you to experience a happier, care-free, ascendant life.

When this has completed, it will have fully consecrated and charged your bottle of Slut Water, fueled with your highest ambition to fulfill your needs.

Order Astarte’s Slut Water, Ritual & Kit Right Now To Get $300 Off To Save 30%

To help this remain as affordable as possible for everyone, I have arranged Astarte’s Slut Water into three tiers. When you place your order for either of these below, you will receive:

Tier 1. Astarte’s Slut Water Ritual & Kit – $999 799

  1. Slut Water: A full bottle with dropper
  2. Unleash Your Inner Slut Rite: Custom ritual performance by Barbie, including authentic photographs and records
  3. Personal Consultation: 30-minute live chat with Barbie
  4. Consecration Course: Online access to film of consecration ritual
  5. eBook Grimoire: 23-page guide to incantations & sigil to activate elixir

SAVINGS: Get $200 off to save 20%

Tier 2. Astarte’s Slut Water Kit – $249 179

  1. Slut Water: A full bottle with dropper
  2. Personal Consultation: 30-minute live chat with me
  3. Consecration Course: Online access to film of consecration ritual
  4. eBook Grimoire: 23-page guide to incantations & sigil to activate elixir

SAVINGS: Get $70 off to save 29%

Tier 3. Astarte’s Slut Water – $79

  1. Slut Water: A full bottle with dropper
  2. eBook Grimoire: 23-page guide to incantations & sigil to activate elixir

Release The Ball And Chain Of Self-Hatred, Anxiety, And Guilt From The Ankle Of Your Love Life Forever

Do not let old traumas, anxieties, and depression ruin your love life forever. Do not let “haters” insult you. With your Slut Water, you are going to harness the erotic magick of the goddess Astarte to flood your love life with sexual power and irresistible attraction. With your Slut Water, you are going to finally unleash your “inner slut” with a clean conscience, and truly love yourself for the first time.

Let me know how you like it in your personal consultation with me.


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