Let Hardcore Necromancers E.A. Koetting And Edgar Kerval Perform The “Funerary Passage To The Devil’s House” Ritual For Your Death And Rebirth Under The Black Rays Of The New Moon

  •   Funerary Rite of Passage: Certified pacts with Lords of Death
  •   New Moon: Performed on New Moon of June 18
  •   Ritualists: E.A. Koetting & Edgar Kerval
  •   Ritual eBook: Receive a Ritual Orientation Guide
  •   Video Proof: Watch live recordings of the performances
  •   Full Breakdown: Receive a full breakdown of experiences

The Funerary Passage to the Devil’s House

  • Harness initiatory magick of secret death cults from Palo Mayombe & Vodoun Necromancy
  • Make direct contact with the Lords of Death through E.A. and Edgar as your mediums
  • Sacrifice the worst sins of your Soul to Eternal Darkness to experience full spiritual resurrection
  • Consecrate your Death Essence with Maman Brigitte and Baron Samedi, Haitian Lord of Death
  • Enter the House of Satan and join the Father of Darkness in his spiritual family for eternity

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The Funerary Passage to the Devil's House

Dear Friend,

I am E.A. Koetting, and I’m partnering with Edgar Kerval for this once in a lifetime bizarre Rite of Death and Resurrection.

The Funerary Passage to the Devil’s House group rite is drawn from the most forbidden and secret rites of Palo Mayombe and Vodoun Necromancy. The ritual itself is employed in initiatory death cults to drive the Soul from a recently deceased body, the corpse then filled with a specific demon or spirit under the sorcerer’s command. The traditional rite is concluded by the full resurrection of the corpse, no longer a human being, but a demon brought forth in the flesh.

In The Funerary Passage to the Devil’s House pact you will:

  • Harness initiatory magick of secret death cults from Palo Mayombe & Vodoun Necromancy
  • Make direct contact with the Lords of Death through E.A. Koetting and Edgar Kerval as your psychic mediums
  • Sacrifice the worst sins, shames, and traumas of your Soul to Eternal Darkness to experience full spiritual resurrection
  • Consecrate your Death Essence with the Haitian Lord of Death, Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte
  • Enter the House of Satan and join the Father of Darkness in his spiritual family for eternity

I have made some vital alterations to this ritual to bend the powers of Death to our will, to transit through the Eternal Darkness, shedding all that is undesirable from the self, and being resurrected and returned to your bodies, infused with demonic powers that are simply inaccessible to those who have not passed through this rite.

How To Enter The House Of Satan To Join His Family Through Consecration With Haitian Lord Of Death Baron Samedi And Maman Brigitte

To sacrifice ourselves to Death,
To gain passage to The Devil’s House,
Resurrected in Hell.

This ritual begins with a Funerary Rite of Passage, a symbolic and magickal funeral performed for your lower self. This allows you the ability to consciously decide what aspects of yourself you would like to sacrifice to Death. In performing this ritual for myself, I have sacrificed childhood traumas, addictions, compulsions, and shameful aspects of my character… all of which have yielding far more powerful results than I thought possible. I am a living testament of the transformative power of this ritual.

During the first portion of this ritual, we will work with the Death Deity known only as The Death Lord, whom I will invoke at my Death Altar.

A magickal funeral will be performed, willingly sacrificing and releasing anything and everything that you wish to no longer be burdened by.

The grave will be sealed with Edgar’s formulation of Black Water, and then consecrated with the Vodoun Veve of Maman Brigitte, the wife of Baron Samedi, the Haitian Lord of Death, and covered in red peppers, a traditional offering to Brigitte. It is said that, while Baron Samedi takes a soul from life to death, his wife Brigitte is able to bring the soul from death back to life. It is this unnatural power that we will harness to bring you back from the grave, free from all that had previously bound you.

Before returning you to your body and life, I will summon Satan, directing The Devil to allow you entrance into His House. In Vodoun, as well as many African Traditional Religions, the term “House” does not merely refer to the building in which a person lives, but a House is a Temple, a secret cult, and a spiritual family. Through this blasphemous ceremony, you will enter into the House of Death and the House of the Devil, being blessed, protected, and guided by Death Itself, and you will be empowered and mentored from that moment forever onward by The Devil Himself.

On my end, this is a very complex and involved ritual, but all that you will need to do is to follow along with the ritual video that you will receive, joining me in guided death meditations and the Death Posture Ritualis, as well as some simple visualization and breathing exercises. I have designed this rite to be simple and enjoyable for you to fully engage in, requiring nothing more than getting comfortable, pushing play, and coming along for the wildest ride of your life… and undeath!

Morbid Necromantic Talismans To Harness Death Essence In Your Funerary Rite Of Passage

The implements that I will employ for this ceremony are listed below. I provide these only to bring you behind the scenes of this rite as much as I can. You are welcome to utilize any of these in your own necromantic rites, although in this ritual Edgar and I will be doing the heavy-lifting for you, so you will not need any of these items, as many are difficult to procure.

  • Death Altar — on which I will be working the majority of this rite)
  • A human skull — which I have obtained legally and saturated with Death Essence for years
  • Iron Keys used to open the graves and gain access to the Underworld
  • Edgar’s formulation of Black Water
  • Empty Pot De Tete — a ceramic pot used in Vodoun to trap spirits
  • Black powder or gunpowder
  • Red peppers
  • Grave box

We will use the following two magick symbols as the main visual foci of this rite:

  1. The Vodoun Veve of Maman Brigitte
  2. The Inverse Pentagram

The private Ritual Orientation Guide available in the members area will introduce you to these magick symbols and allow you to illustrate them on parchment, if you wish.

You’re Going To Experience Your Funerary Rite Of Passage To The Devil’s House Under The Black Rays Of The New Moon June 18th

Both Edgar and I will perform our individual funerary passage rituals on your behalf on June 18th, under the black rays of the New Moon. This is the perfect crossroads for death and rebirth.

We will film our rituals, so you can see and hear everything that happens, and receive any channeled insights that come through us. As soon as the ritual is complete we will begin processing the footage, and will send you a video link by email personally within a few days. This ritual video will also be available in your Become A Living God website members area.

The ritual is not fully sealed until you watch the ritual video, as doing so confirms that you willfully accept these supernatural forces into your life. In addition to completing the energetic circuit of these powers into your life, the ritual video will also provide you with essential channeled information as well as ritual instructions to conclude the ritual on your end.

Once you receive the ritual video link, once again all you will need to do is get comfortable, press play, and follow the visualizations and simple instructions given.

I also recommend that you have a journal and pen or pencil, to take note of anything that is channeled, or anything that might be revealed to you during the course of the ritual. Often, these insights can be the most valuable extractions from these life-changing rituals.

Godlike Power,

Become A Living God