Summon The Baneful Forces Of Demonic Magick To Punish Your Worst Enemies… Let The Bulletproof Protection Of Belial, Satan, Shemyaza, Astarte, And Medusa Bring About An Apocalypse Of Truth

  •   Apocalypse Water: Consecrated elixir of demonic magick
  •   Consecration Courses: Online access to films of consecration rituals
  •   Author: Barbie Garrett
  •   Global Shipping: Receive in two weeks or less
  •   Safety Warning: Contains all natural ingredients. Safe for limited topical use. Do not swallow or consume.

With my demonic elixir, Apocalypse Water, you will…

  • Consecrate your altar, talisman, and temple to harness the baneful powers of Belial, Satan, Shemyaza, Astarte, Medusa & Margol
  • Use the elixir as a manifestation base to evoke the Dark Gods & Goddesses
  • Infuse your clothes and makeup to exude self-confidence and radiate magnetic attraction
  • Magnify the demonic power of your spellcasting, spirit evocations, baneful magick and curses
  • Cast a protective circle for bulletproof defense against baneful magick and toxic people
    • Apocalypse Water – Consecrated Bottle
    • Astarte’s Slut Water – Consecrated Bottle
    • Consecration Ritual – Video Course – FREE
    • Virus Hijacking Ritual – Video Course – FREE
    • Apocalypse Water – Consecrated Bottle
    • Consecration Ritual – Video Course – FREE
    • Virus Hijacking Ritual – Video Course – FREE
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Peer Reviews

  • When I first heard about Slut Water I knew I needed this for trauma healing. Honestly, it called to me. I used the advice and instructions that were sent with it, along with my own ritual in which I was intuitively guided to invoke Medusa. And this seems to be right up her alley, it was almost as if she was waiting to assist me with this. Through channeling I was told to take a dab of the Slut Water and place it on each of my energy centers (chakras). Immediately I could feel a rush through each energy center. I never realized how each chakra gets so clogged from these traumas but the potency of this water broke what I now realize as obstructed energy centers. Now I can truly breakthrough with my healing. I’m excited to keep working with this phenomenal tool to help me reclaim the things that were taken from me. There are so many possibilities and ways to use Slut Water. It’s most definitely something I’m going to keep on hand.

    Bonnie Woodruff, solitary witch
  • This is helping me to heal from a break up and broken heart in times when I need to love myself more and to heal my soul. It brought up a purging of emotional sadness and release, but then I felt so much more at peace afterwards. I will be using it more during the healing process.

    Jennifer Vatza, from Belladonna Botanicals
  • I full-heartedly give the slut water 666 stars! The first day I put it on my skin and in my candle while giving myself self-love and praise, I immediately felt in tune with myself and more self-love then I have felt in some months. I felt the attraction between hubby and I grow daily since too! I also felt the desire to educate myself about my traumas and felt pieces of me healing with each thing I learned about each trauma. Thank you Barbie I already adored you but now even more. I will eternally be needing to stock up.

    Princess Dollie, solitary witch
  • The Slut Water is ready to bring out the freak within with charged energy, power, and infernal fire. We are here to embrace our sexuality not to be confined due to past beliefs, trauma, and lack of self-worth or self-confidence. Slut Water unleashed the beast within me and my sexuality feels renewed.

    Ginger Jaguar, solitary witch
  • I tried Slut Water, and honestly it blew my mind. I performed an intense ritual related to my mother and father. I could feel past energy pull off me, away from me, and it changed and transmuted me for my highest good. Not only that, when people throw their jealousy and hate at me, its literally wiped off and transforms into a better energy. I definitely need a few more bottles to make a Slut Jar.

    Serene Healings, solitary witch
  • Just received 2 days ago and I have been activating it each morning and adding it to my bath. My interest is in being the most beautiful version of myself. I will update. Barbie was most helpful and included a free vial of war water. Update: I am garnering lots of attention and even some snark from other women at work and spouses of coworkers. To be fair, I am working on myself via diet, exercise and magick but I just started getting the backhanded compliments from insecure females. So, I guess it’s working!

    Jennifer W., solitary witch

Dear Friend,

Black Magick Barbie here…

I would like to share my newest breakthrough in the art and science of magick elixirs that will immediately magnify the forces behind ANY ritual of demonic evocation, baneful magick, and black alchemy — Apocalypse Water.

Forged And Purified In The Alchemical Fire Of An Unholy Easter Ritual That Hijacked And Repurposed The Energy Of The Coronavirus Spirit For Healthy Human Ascent

Originally, I channeled the patented recipe of Apocalypse Water to empower the Virus Frequency Hijacking (VFH) ritual that Orlee Stewart, J.D. Temple, J.S. Garrett, and I performed on Easter 2020. As a group, we performed for the historic VFH ritual to ally with the Coronavirus energy frequency, in order to hijack the fear, anxiety, and panic that was being pumped in the ether, to create the positive changes that we black magicians wished to see unfold in reality.

Furthermore, we performed the ritual on Easter as a Rite of Blasphemy, as well as to also hijack the Christian energy to reclaim the glory of Ishtar’s day that was stolen from us.

From A Pristine Waterfall To Your Magick Temple…

My partner J.S. and I carefully collected this pristine water from one of our favorite waterfalls near our home in the Appalachian mountains. It is a waterfall that we have frequented regularly for the last 8 years. During the tornado season that we experience here, both in 2019 and 2020, this particular waterfall, had tornados rip along the riverside. Trees were torn down or broken in half and the river beds had greatly been shifted. It was hardly recognizable and the landscape was forever changed.

This had amplified the already extremely intense energy to something immeasurable. We could feel it radiating with chaos energy from the moment we turned onto the 3-mile dirt road to reach the falls. It only grew stronger as we closed in on the walking path. By the time we had reached the falls on foot, it was so intense that it would’ve made muggles feel sick to their stomachs, but for the black magician it only made us excited. We knew this water was special, and we knew it could be forged into something extremely useful and transcending. So we collected bottles of it!

Evoking And Harnessing The Forbidden Magick Of Belial, Satan, Shemyaza, Astarte And MORE In An Unprecedented, Demonic, Baneful Elixir — “Apocalypse Water”

After bringing it home, I made it my pet project. In a three-hour ritual, I summoned forth the presence of these forbidden Demons and Dark Gods and Goddesses to infuse their fiercest astral energies into the elixir.

  1. Belial the Lawless One
  2. Satan the Adversary
  3. Shemyaza the Fallen Angel & Watcher
  4. Astarte the Goddess of Love & War
  5. Medusa the Guardian Goddess
  6. Margol the Turkey Vulture God

Specifically, I have aspired to reclaim this reality through the forces of, and in the name of, Adversarial Blood. I forged the watery elixir with the intent of creating a magick elixir that will allow the user to call forth these demons in order to wage war, storms or chaos of change on anyone or anything that would try to control or oppress them.

Summon The Storms Of Chaos To Bring About An Apocalypse Of Truth… Awaken Yourself And The Human Family In Adversarial Blood

Then during the VFH Rite, JS and I dedicated this water to The Storm God, Baal. Not only for protection but for vengeance. I also pushed my intent of it creating the change of truth. Revelations occur in huge forms in front of the entire world and for more of our brothers and sisters to awaken. I then anointed it with a blood sacrifice and sat it upon our altars to continue to soak up the spirit energies. This water has now been brewing for months, only gaining strength.

Place your order for Apocalypse Water right now and you’ll receive:

  1. Apocalypse Water – A full consecrated bottle with a dropper top
  2. Apocalypse Consecration – A live recorded film of me forging the Apocalypse Water in magick ritual – FREE BONUS
  3. Virus Frequency Hijacking – A live recorded film of J.S. and me performing the unholy Easter blasphemy ritual – FREE BONUS

This elixir is important and brings a strong force into any working as it brings the Storms of Chaos and Change with it. This is good in love, break-up, wealth, empowerment, healing and baneful workings — all depending on the sorcerers intent. I welcome you to try it right now, and let me know how it raises your power in ritual and accelerates your ascent!

Darkest Blessings,

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