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Let Seasoned Veterans E.A. Koetting, Maggie Moon, And Zeraphina Summon The Gods Of Guardianship For An Invincibility Protection Spell That Binds And Removes Any Curses From You On August 27

  •   The Protection Magick Ritual: Certified protection spells
  •   Date: Performed with Saturn in Opposition on August 27
  •   Ritualists: E.A. Koetting, Maggie Moon & Zeraphina Angelus
  •   Ritual eBook: Receive a Ritual Orientation Guide
  •   Video Proof: Watch live recordings of the performances
  •   Full Breakdown: Receive a full breakdown of experiences

With The Protection Magick Ritual by E.A. Koetting, Maggie Moon and Zeraphina Angelus, you'll...

  • Detect and bind any harmful baneful energy
  • Remove any and all negative magickal effects
  • Provide protection from future magickal attacks
  • Enhance your magickal radiance and vibration
  • Accelerate your spiritual ascent toward eternity
  • Harness special forces of Saturn in Opposition

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The Protection Magick Ritual features a certified protection spell with E.A. Koetting, Maggie Moon, and Zeraphina Angelus on August 27.

Receive a Ritual Orientation Guide immediately and live recordings of the ritual by August 31 by email and in the members area.

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Peer Reviews

  • I’ve read many books, grimoires, and guides that relate to spiritual protection, magickal defense, and the maintenance of one’s own metaphysical hygiene. Yet, this is by far the best culmination of information and techniques, ranging from some of the most unique and powerful methods of spiritual wellness and fortification of one’s spiritual protection from any and all kinds of harm, danger, or negative repercussions. No matter what level of development you’re at, whether it’s beginner, intermediate, or adept, this is still a handbook I’d definitely recommend. From now on, whenever I’m asked about a recommendation for this category of magick, this will be my go-to spellbook. Congratulations to E.A. Koetting, Maggie Moon and Zeraphina Angelus for creating such a outstanding tome.

    Conner Kendall, author of The Black Magician's Handbook
  • As Magus of The Order of Phosphorus and High Priest (Archon) of the first recognized Luciferian church established officially in the United States by the Government in 2014, expanding Luciferian philosophy and magickal practice has been an immense and rewarding task that offers wonderful results via initiation for some serious Black Adepts. One of these individuals who embody uniquely, the Luciferian current is Priestess Maggie Moon. I have had contact with Maggie for many years and have watched her ascend and with blazing consistency, move the wheel of Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis forward.

    Maggie possesses all the elements required to enhance and illuminate her Black Flame in a way that I have envisioned: it is uniquely her own, having a sense for adaptation and expansion. I consider Priestess Maggie Moon to be a balanced Luciferian Witch who has much to offer to those seeking initiation upon the Left-Hand Path.

    I highly recommend this grimoire and encourage you to proceed upon the path: adapting and expanding the Adversarial Current in your own unique form. The 11 Points of Power is the foundation upon which this may be ever so!

    Michael W. Ford, author of Apotheosis
  • I am always delighted to discover a new groundbreaking grimoire by E.A. Koetting, and this one is no exception. This self-defense compendium brings together three seasoned-veteran black witches in a single grimoire, offering a much-needed guide to Protection Magick. Absolutely all areas of this field are covered, from perceiving and locating curses, to nullifying them, to binding the baneful magician who sent them. I personally recommend the Red Ribbon Binding Spell, an old classic protective antidote that medieval witches had passed down Central Europe for generations. If you feel under attack, or need protection from vampirism, my specialty, then I would urge you to study The Protection Magick Spellbook. It will undoubtedly facilitate the immersion of the reader in the domain of Protective Magick.

    N.D. Blackwood, author of Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon

Dear Friend,

Myself, E.A. Koetting, and the sorceresses Maggie Moon and Zeraphina Angelus have come together for this once-in-a-lifetime Protection Magick Group Ritual.

On August 27th, we three will triangulate your life and the energetic matrix surrounding and influencing all of the people, events, and even the spirits that you deal with, casting out all unwanted and unhelpful forces impacting your life.

This threefold protection ritual will discover, bind, and remove any curses or magickal manipulations that may be affecting you, surround you with a sphere of powerful protection against future attacks, and will strengthen and magnify your magickal radiance.

The Protection Magick Group Ritual enforces these three defensive statements of intent:

  • To detect and bind any harmful baneful energy
  • To remove any and all negative magickal effects
  • To provide protection from future magickal attacks
  • To enhance your magickal radiance and vibration
  • To accelerate your spiritual ascent toward eternity

We Are Going To Summon The 3 Invincible Gods And Goddesses Of Protection For You Personally

Maggie, Zeraphina, and I will each utilize our own unique and battle-tested protection rituals in this collective group rite. My ritual will invoke and conjure the three most powerful Deities of Protection in existence:

  1. Girra: the Babylonian God of Fire and Light
  2. Enki: the most Ancient Watcher and protector of mankind
  3. Ishtar: the Sumerian Goddess of rebirth and resurrection

I have worked with these three Deities of Protection faithfully for over 30 years, and I have experienced the power of their miraculous protection more times than I can count. Whether I have needed to defend myself against curses from jealous magicians, attacks from malevolent entities, and even from physical harm, they have never let me down!

Harness The Special Forces Of Saturn In Opposition On August 27th To Punish Your Enemies And Reward Your Allies

We have carefully chosen the best day of the entire year for this ritual. August 27th presents us with Saturn in Opposition. This is an extremely powerful astrological moment, as the Earth, Sun, and Saturn come into perfect alignment.

In many ancient systems, Saturn and the Sun are considered to be enemies, or at best as competitors. These coming into alignment with the earth is perfect for Protection Magick, symbolizing bringing both friends and enemies into alignment for our best outcomes.

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn in Opposition was considered a time for reaping karma, again a very useful alignment for this ritual. What this means for you is that those who have worked against you and have sent evil in your direction will be punished, and those who have helped and blessed you will be rewarded!

Receive A Secret Grimoire And Live Recordings Of The Protection Magick Rituals To Seal The Shield Of The Infernal Protectors Upon Your Life Forever

All three of us will film our rituals, so you can see and hear everything that happens, and receive any channeled insights that come through us. As soon as the ritual is complete we will begin processing the footage, and will send you video links within a few days and post files in the members area too.

The ritual is not fully sealed until you watch the ritual video, as doing so confirms that you willfully accept these supernatural forces into your life. Additionally, they will provide you with essential channeled information as well as ritual instructions to conclude the ritual on your end. Often, these insights can be the most valuable extractions from these life-changing rituals.

Once you’ve signed up for this ritual, we will bring your name before these Infernal Masters of Protection and seal their shield upon your life to protect you forever.

Godlike Power,

Signature E.A. Koetting

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