What Is The World’s Most Powerful Magick Spell? Help Us To Find Out… So Today’s Best Magick Breeds Tomorrow’s Great Magicians

E.A. Koetting

Send in your submission for Anthology 3: Spells to the editor Timothy before December 1st at:




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Anthology of Sorcery 3: Spells

Submit Your Favorite Spell Right Now, And We May Feature It In Our Upcoming Anthology of Sorcery 3: Spells

Rules For Participation

  Length Maximum of 3,000 words, minimum of 1,500
  Topic One real magick spell, its origin, and full story of experience
  Artwork Appropriate graphics must have no copyright
  Law Adult themes and language are permitted
  Due Date December 1, 2016

We aspire to compile a grimoire of the greatest magick spells, so future generations of magicians and witches can unlock their own personal ascent… without the years of deception and confusion that plague newcomers.

The rite can either resurrect a secret ancient spell, or comprise your own spell altogether, but you must provide the true story of your experiences with it. It can cover anything from money and law, to love and health, to ascent and curses. The whole premise is to gift the very best magick of today to magicians of tomorrow. Needless to say, anything you submit must qualify as real and authentic.

Over 30 Preeminent Magicians Have Unveiled The Forbidden Secrets Of Infernal Power In Anthology 1 & 2… Here Are Just A Few…

Lon Milo DuQuetteLon Milo DuQuette
Spirit Evocation and Exorcism – Anthology 1
U.S. Deputy National Grand Master General of Ordo Templi Orientis
Robert BruceRobert Bruce
A Tale of Demonic Possession and Release – Anthology 1
Founder of Astral Dynamics
Asenath MasonAsenath Mason
The Destroying God – Anthology 2
Founder of Temple of Ascending Flame
Michael FordMichael Ford
The Infernal Path of Hekate – Anthology 1
Founder of The Order of Phosphorus
cover_consultations_s_ben_qayinS. Ben Qayin
The Spirit of Hatred – Anthology 2
S. ConnollyS. Connolly
Pacts with Daemons – Anthology 2
Co-founder of Ordo Flammeus Serpens
Dante AbielDante Abiel
The Black Trinity – Anthology 1
Head of The Order of the 13th Judgement

I invite you to join us in our mission to illuminate and enlighten humanity with Magick Ascent.

Godlike Power,

Signature E.A. Koetting

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