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Dante Abiel


Telephone Consultations

I'll introduce you to the most hardcore practices of black magick, and troubleshoot any problems or questions you encounter along your journey of the Left Hand Path.

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Ritual For HireCOMING SOON

Let me perform REAL magick for you, so you get REAL results... and you can even WATCH me do it in a live video recording.

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Books & Grimoires

Necromantic Sorcery: Forbidden Rites of Death Magick

Dante Abiel shows you how to perform the most dangerously powerful rituals of Saturnian Necromancy to exploit the spirits of the dead. Dante was banned from 3 magick orders, received 2 death threats, and suffered temporary insanity... All for YOU to learn the secrets of Death Magick.

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Manifestations of the Left Palm

The much-anticipated addendum to my sold out grimoire, Necromantic Sorcery. This 11-page postscript tells the tale of the my first magickal experience with opening the Left Palm, and explicitly instructs a dangerous ritual for strengthening your Left Palm Chakra.

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Possession: The Art of Demonic DevotionCOMING SOON

The FIRST and most revealing guide to real demonic possession ever written in occult history. I share the true accounts of my own corporeal communion, and divulge original rituals for you to experience possession yourself.

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Rituals & Interviews

Live Rituals

Watch Dante perform live rituals of magick, so you can emulate his exact behaviors, and start getting massive results for yourself. Go behind the scenes of his own ritual practice, and be his virtual apprentice.

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Learn the truth about my ritual practice, personal history, and how I got started with the occult. I share my controversial views about black magick, and give priceless lessons for aspiring magicians to experience Spiritual Ascent.

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Dante Abiel

Dante is a professional ritualist and occult author, living with his family in the city of Philadelphia, in the United States.

Currently, he instructs at his own Vodoun house, and is a respected member of several influential magick orders, including the Ordo Templi Noctis, Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis, OTOA, LCN and the Order of the Thirteenth Judgement.

Dante is well-known for his clairvoyant prophecy and highly sought after for custom ritual work. To learn more about how he can change your life, book a personal consultation, or study his grimoires.