Riddle: I Am Greater Than God And More Evil Than The Devil… The Poor Have Me But The Rich Do Not… If You Eat Me, You Will Die… What Am I?

Timothy Donaghue
  • Identifies as Friedrich Nietzsche’s mustache
  • Arrogant, misanthropic, fateful and rude
  • Qualifies as an endangered species
  • Whoever sends the best death threat will receive an autographed selfie!!

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Peer Reviews

  • E.A. Koetting

    At long last, truth has been written. It may frighten you. It may inspire you. The cycle of revelation, revolution, and revision can begin again, pushing toward the next rung of evolution.

    E.A. Koetting, author
  • S. Connolly

    Timothy has written a laudable book on LHP philosophy and practice. I would highly recommend it above Anton Lavey’s Satanic Bible as a staple for any LHP magician’s bookshelf.

    S. Connolly, author
  • S. Ben Qayin

    I have found its truths to be rationally undeniable. There is so much confusion over what defines the LHP, and this work clarifies that in a straight forward “in your face” manner. I highly recommend it.

    S. Ben Qayin, author

I confess…

…that I have always felt an infinite distance from people, like when they talk to me, it dirties my skin and I need to scrub my brain. Because of this, I have never fallen in love in the traditional sense, although numerous women have loved me—despite my forewarnings.

…that I consider arrogance my highest and noblest virtue.

…that I do not believe in god.

…that I advocate both abortion and euthanasia. In other words, I do not view life as sacred, but rather valuable to varying degrees.

Immortals become mortals, mortals become immortals, they live in each other’s death and die in each other’s life. — Heraclitus, Fragment 66

…that I rank Friedrich Nietzsche and Heraclitus as my two favorite philosophers.

…that I rank ancient Ireland as the healthiest civilization to ever arise, because it constituted the earliest example of a peaceful, anarchist society.

…that I will soberly commit suicide rather than suffer infirmity. I will “die at the right time” as Nietzsche called it.

This universe, which is the same for all, has not been made by any god or man, but it always has been, is, and will be: an ever-living fire, kindling itself by regular measures and going out by regular measures. — Heraclitus, Fragment 2

I certify this as confessor,



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