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Consultations, Tarot & Rituals For Hire

Greetings All, I Am S. Ben Qayin,

I have researched and practiced various forms of Magic throughout my lengthy course of esoteric study, working in various areas of Ceremonial Magic, though found early on that Magic was a thread that was woven though all things, and so was drawn to more personalized Chaos Magic from a young age.

I hold the belief that Magic is not ‘Magical’, that it does not ‘just happen’, nor is it ‘miraculous’, I see it as a scientific system based on a process that we have yet to fully understand scientifically. This is based on my concept that people do not fully realize the base structure of their reality in which they are currently residing, and that they have yet to understand all the rules of the ‘Matrix’ of Consensual Reality, and therefore do not entirely understand or utilize their personal energy and influence within it. I view Magic as the manipulation of personal energy to restructure or influence the ‘Consensual Reality Matrix’ to conform to the Will and Intent of the Magician. As with all energy, I believe Magic can be harnessed and directed, Spirits and entities can be contacted, and change can be made manifest within the personal ‘grid’ of the Magician. I can help you unlock this hidden potential.

As the once Head Of The Inner Order Of The Voltec, I have had years of training in shifting my perception of reality, and thus am able to successfully manipulate the ‘structure’. The Order Of The Voltec were an offshoot from The Temple Of Set, which of course is an offshoot from LaVey’s Church Of Satan.

“I believe we can harness and direct Magic, contact spirits and entities, and manifest real change…”

Chaos Magic or ‘Fringe Magic’ as I refer to it is not new; it is simply a category or term created to encompass Scientific Magic or Magic that deals with dimensions, non-human intelligences and work that questions the basis of ‘reality’, and how to manipulate it. This can be classified as experimental magic if you will, teetering on the edge of the Abyss of Creation. Of course Fringe Magic does encompass such literary works from authors and Magicians who have ventured forth into the ‘empty spaces’, such as H.P. Lovecraft, Carlos Castaneda, Pete Carroll, Frank G. Ripel, Michael Bertiaux, Kenneth Grant and others who have been to the edge of creation and reality, and come back to write of it. They have masterfully transformed into words, experiences and concepts that are seemingly indescribable to those who have not walked the ‘Spaces In-Between’ themselves, who have not known the ‘Twilight of Being and Reality’.

I Offer 7 Magick Services:


  1. Tarot card readings under my own chaos spread, Simita Autem Chaosium
  2. Personal consultations for personal instruction and advice


  1. Love, Money & Ascent to ignite awakening and growth in these areas
  2. Vampiric techniques for essential energy renewal
  3. Necromantic sorcery to connect you with deceased loved ones
  4. Demonic pacts for your infernal aspirations
  5. Baneful magick to devastate your enemies

1. Tarot Card Readings

Tarot is an ancient art, there have been any ways throughout history to utilize the link the system has with the personal reality of the magician. I have devised a card spread titled ‘Semita Pondera Chaosium’ (Path of Balanced Chaos), which utilizes the major arcana cards in a personally powerful and proven system of divination.

As well, I offer a personally designed card reading system titled ‘The Whisperings Of Iblis’ coming soon. This Deck of 75 cards, utilizes the Iblis and the 72 Djinn listed in “The Book Of Smokeless Fire” in a way that is not like the traditional tarot. The deck has its own spreads and meanings, and focuses on very personal messages directed at the questionnaire in regards to their personal ascent along The Left Hand Path. The tarot will give the general reading of the magicians circumstances on their possible paths through their reality, while ‘The Word Of Iblis’ focuses on the personal state of the magicians soul and deep inner thoughts. It is a kin to the Tree of Knowledge, in that it is the hidden, or occult side of the tarot/magician in the equation of ascent that the magician holds deep within. With these tools, a clear view of any situation can be given, and future actions planned out correctly.

2. Personal Consultations

I offer an hour or half-hour of personal consultation to those who seek any other magical topics that are not covered by my other services. I offer my personal experiences with magic, entities, various systems or anything that the magician wishes to discuss, such as personal instruction on ritual and different magical techniques that can be employed.

3. Love, Money & Ascent Ritual

I offer ritual for hire so that initiates as well as experienced magicians of the Black Arts can get the assistance they require to advance their workings, and achieve the level excellence they seek. All magicians need guidance at some time or another, even if they walk their own individual paths. I have developed unique magical systems that can help give the Black Magician the edge they require to either get them started on a strong path based on solid magical and scientific foundations. And/or, assist a magician who is having difficulty overcoming various magical hurdles. As well, some rites require the added energy, focus and intention of another Black Magician to be successful, I offer my services to all who seek this assistance. Some magic is considered too ‘Dark’ to be practiced by magicians of various paths. However, because of my personal beliefs, I offer to perform such rites for those who dare not venture where that power lies. I specialize in several areas of magic, though am not limited to what is listed or discussed. However, what is listed tends to be geared towards divination necromancy and bane. All rites are priced the same, as they all require risk to myself and great preparation. All rites I perform are accompanied by photos of ‘before’ and ‘after’, however I do not provide video at this time for my rites, as they are very personal and require that sacred connection between myself and the ‘Universe’, with no other observers or measuring devices to disrupt the sacred space.

4. Vampiric Techniques

Vampirism rites can be worked for both benevolence and bane, I offer either service. There are many techniques that are involved with vampirism, and it is important to fully understand the situation in order to apply the correct one to the event. However, some rituals that I offer in this category, center around the use of vampiric egregores which are considered ‘outside influences’. Though, I also offer myself to preform operations of vampirism by personally removing sickness from a chosen ones aura, through my Intent, considered an ‘inside or direct influence’. Also, there are times a magician will need extra energy to help get through a rite or challenging time in their life, and vampiric techniques can be employed to achieve this goal. Of course if one has an enemy or enemies, terrifying entities can be called upon and created to cause them the bane one is desiring them.

5. Necromantic Sorcery

Necromantic rites can as well, be equally employed for benevolence or bane, and I of course am pleased to offer either service. Raising or speaking with those who have passed on, is a very personal experience. I have developed several rites that enable me to contact such spirits, if available. Some have ‘moved on’ and are no longer among this reality. Once contact has been made, I can ask the desired questions and convey them to the magician. Such responses however are not always in a clear form, being relayed in not only words, but images, dreams and emotions. There are however situations where one has passed on that the magician wished to exact revenge on, but never had the chance…this too, is a service offered.

6. Demonic Pacts

Pacts made with entities are unique to that entity and situation. Entities can be bound to the magician for many reasons, being health, defense, prosperity, etc. They may also be bound to the magician for offensive reasons, as going into a battle (be it physical, law related or other), and striking fear into opponents. Pacts (like some other services offered) are personal and will require mutual work between the magician seeking the service and myself.

7. Baneful Magick

Baneful rites are just that, baneful. They are designed to cause harm to ones enemies. I offer these services to the magician seeking such revenge. These wrathful rites can prevent the magicians foe from success, cause them mental and physical anguish and block their paths from any such relief from said afflictions. This is a controversial area of magic, but it is my belief that sometimes in order to ‘move on’ mentally and spiritually, the magician must do one last act to release baneful forces at their target, and then let go so they can ascend on their magical paths. I am pleased to be able to assist the magician who seeks such aid.

Note: your baneful magick request is subject to my approval. I will consider your situation carefully, and if I do not wish to take on your case, I can either pass the ritual on to one of our other consultants, or refund your order.

Here’s How This Works

When you book a magick ritual with me, I will contact you by email within 48 hours to inquire at length on what you want specifically. Then, I am going to perform the ritual with the utmost devotion to your cause, and am happy to provide photographs from the ritual, by request in advance.

For a tarot card reading, or personal consultation, you book a convenient time and date in my available calendar. Then I will contact you at that time, and provide a lucid and enlightening reading, or tailored, helpful advice.

Remember that I perform my services for friends and readers on a first come basis, and my schedule fills fast. I invite you to join me as soon as you can, so I can do everything in my power to maximize your Ascent!

Godlike Power,

S. Ben Qayin

—S. Ben Qayin